Blizzcon Wow Classic Phase 2 Launches The Week Of November 12th

Today at Blizzcon Ion Hazzikostas announced that the WoW Classic phase 2 release date will be the week of November 12th.

Phase 2 Content

As a reminder the content release for phase 2 will include several world bosses and the PvP honor system

  • World Bosses
    • Azuregos
    • Kazzak
  • PvP Honor System & Rank Rewards

Speaking of Classic, I am excited to announce that we have our next update to Classic just around the corner. In about a week and a half, the week of November 12th, we will be enabling the world bosses Azuregos and Kazzak, but most importantly the PvP honor system.

So if you still have any quests to finish up in Hillsbrad, I would recommend you get those done between now and then, just a hunch.

– Ion Hazzikostas

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