Stranglethorn Vale Fishing Extravaganza Guide

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Once, every Sunday, on every server in WoW, there is a fishing contest in Stranglethorn Vale.  It is one of th…

WoW Classic Noblegarden Guide

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Noblegarden is a holiday event within the World of Warcraft, which occurs in the spring.  It is inspired heavi…

WoW Classic Ghost Mushroom Farming Guide

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Ghost Mushrooms are one of the most sought after crafting materials in the end game of World of Warcraft Class…

WoW Classic Love Is in the Air Guide – Romancing of the Thrones

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The most important thing to remember about the Love is in the Air event in WoW Classic is that it bears almost…

WoW Classic Chest Locations – A Treasure Hunter’s Guide to Azeroth

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Scattered all across the realms and nations of Azeroth is one thing that appeals to every player, no matter wh…

WoW Classic Darkmoon Faire Guide

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Welcome to our WoW Classic guide for the mystical Darkmoone Faire! The Darkmoon Faire lasts for just a week an…

Getting to the Ironforge Airfield in WoW Classic

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The Ironforge Airfield is one of those secret locations from the WoW of yesteryear that many players found to…

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