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All of this hype around classic has done exactly what hype is suppose to do. Classic cannot come sooner. Mad Today, for example, I watched 4 separate hour-long YouTube videos discussing the exact same Kaivax blue post ( https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/classic-content-plan/120346 ). Desperate. LoL I was wondering what some of you are doing while we all wait for classic to release? Specifically, what are you playing? I'm sure many of us might still be playing BFA but I personally unsubbed after PvP Season 2 began. We've seen quite a number of individuals join the forum and I'd love to hear some options. Has anyone picked up painting? bird watching? perhaps knitting in these times of languish?

Topic starter Posted : 12/03/2019 12:53 am
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I did the same. I watched one from Esfand, Madseasonshow, and Frostdamus, after getting notified about the post both on here and on Classic WoW subreddit whilst browsing both together. LoL

As for what I'm playing... certainly not WoW. I only subbed for a month at the start of the expansion, after leaving during Legion. I just have no interest in it now, especially not with Classic round the corner.

I'm currently playing Apex Legends when I feel like I want to hurt myself, and Stardew Valley when I'm feeling the opposite. Wink

Waiting on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice though. Soon!

Posted : 12/03/2019 1:01 am
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I've been playing guitar mostly. There aren't really any games currently that are holding my interest, maybe Apex Legends.

I'm still subbed to WoW but find myself just logging in for 5 minutes, saying hello to the guild and then logging off again.

Posted : 12/03/2019 2:58 am
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I feel your pain, pretty much ran out of content to consume regarding Classic! I have a routine of checking Reddit, here, Twitter and google news several times a day in the hopes of classic news.

For the time being I have a pretty solid few months ahead of me planned out with releases to play through. Recently completed Metro Exodus on the hardest difficulty (only 156 deaths on stream, very proud not gonna lie!) and just started getting round to playing The Witcher3 DLC last night. Hoping to make it through Blood and Wine before Sekiro on 22nd March!

I hope Classic has released by the time I get to the end of these plans otherwise I don't think I'll be able to handle the anticipation / excitement!
22nd March - Sekiro
26th March - Outward
12th April - Twitchcon EU
14th April - Game of Thrones
16th April - New BFA raid, might re-sub?
25th April - Avengers Endgame
26th April - Days Gone
14th May - Rage 2
1st June - Muse Stadium Show

Also recently started practicing my leveling routes on Light's Hope to shake off the cobwebs. VERY tempted to go full commit and try go for server 1st HAM style!

Posted : 12/03/2019 3:07 am
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The only streamer I watch and enjoy is esfand, he seems more genuine and likable than most. I've been watching his content very casually for a while now.

Lately I've been playing some Diablo 2, I dabbled in apex but it wasn't for me, and I got my first set of drums (cheap electric set) for my birthday in February which I have jumped on a few times to bash. Pretty hyped/excited for wow classic.

As per others above I unsubbed from the previous 3 expansions after 1 month. It doesn't hold my attention like classic. Also since classic was announced private servers just feel a little bit like a waste of time (I'm not one to practice leveling routes or anything).

I'm just excited to dig into classic wow once and for all. It has more...permanence than the pservers, I'll be much more dedicated to the slow and steady progression.

Posted : 12/03/2019 3:41 am
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I've been playing barrens.chat

Posted : 12/03/2019 4:02 am
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I've been playing barrens.chat

It's true, I even watched him stream it on twitch. Nerd.

Posted : 12/03/2019 4:04 am
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I feel your pain, bro!;)

Busied myself with creating a folder dedicated to WoW Classic, basically collecting everything related that I could get my hands on:
old videos, songs, wallpapers, fanart, guides, ...
Been watching a lot of Frostadamus as of late too;)

As for what I am currently playing...not really much, at least not consistently. Some SWtoR, a bit of FO4 and TW3 here and there, some Nioh.
Waiting for the release of Sekiro!!

Posted : 12/03/2019 5:30 am
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Diablo 1 😁

Posted : 12/03/2019 5:43 am
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WoW BfA Neutral

Posted : 12/03/2019 6:03 am
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Hearthstone, HotS, SC2, Overwatch, Diablo 3. Whichever I feel like at that moment.

Posted : 12/03/2019 6:04 am
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I'm heading to New Zealand for a 3-week vacation soon where I'll be hiking national parks in the south island so that will keep me away from gaming for a while.

Posted : 12/03/2019 6:35 am
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I slowly grind away at my OSRS account, always asking myself why I keep playing it LoL
ESO is pretty fun too though.

Posted : 12/03/2019 6:44 am
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I am playing many different games but most recently I got attached to W3 custom maps, Life is strange, Half Life mods, WOW TBC, Path of Exile and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. What a strange mix.

Posted : 12/03/2019 7:25 am
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On PS4 I play in this league called "League Gaming" where I play NHL 19 with 11 other people and it's pretty much a simulation of hockey in real life. Your player has their own stats and your team has rankings.

Other than that I play Apex Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2, Portal Knights, and Rocket League. (Also sometimes Smite and Neverwinter)

I haven't been subbed to WoW for quite a while, roughly a few months after Legion came out. Not because I didn't enjoy it, because I thought it was one of the best expansions they've had, but because I had no time due to school.

Posted : 12/03/2019 7:37 am
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