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All praise for idea and template of this topic belongs to Jpy. He is the original poster and all commendations belongs to him.
I will just continue his great work.


  • No funds or items can be contributed from other characters

  • No auction house use

  • Don't abuse rested or partying

  • For repack, GM commands are not allowed

  • When posting your runs, please include the following:
    -/Played at the target level (substract the time spent at that level)
    -Screenshot with /played and time spent at that level showing

  • Resources
    Light’s Hope Servers
    Teebling’s “Getting Ahead of the Pack”
    Credit to Alenya and Vemp
    Ctrl + F to search for these values (in the Mangos config file):

    Set all 3 values to 0.

    Classic Beta (all versions)
    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. cauthonluck Shaman 1hour 22minutes 02seconds
    2. Roguish Paladin 1hour 25minutes 44seconds
    3. Kyn Paladin 1hour 26minutes 27seconds
    4. towely Shaman 1hour 26minutes 28seconds
    5. Tactics Shaman 1hour 28minutes 35seconds
    6. Bathwater Mage 1hour 28minutes 55seconds
    7. Sevenleaves Rogue 1hour 30minutes 16seconds
    8. Guzu Rogue 1hour 30minutes 30seconds
    9. Kyn Mage 1hour 31minutes 12seconds
    10. Tactics Rogue 1hour 31minutes 12seconds
    11. Yar Shaman 1hour 31minutes 49seconds
    12. Sevenleaves Rogue 1hour 34minutes 27seconds
    13. Banjaxed Rogue 1hour 42minutes 16seconds
    14. Jokerdtv Mage 1hour 46minutes 25seconds
    15. Nzed Mage 1hour 47minutes 53seconds
    16. Yar Druid 1hour 48minutes 08seconds
    17. Ironsides Warrior 1hour 51minutes 29seconds
    18. John Mage 1hour 55minutes 55seconds
    19. Bornlesszero Druid 2hours 04minutes 09seconds
    20. zicki Warrior 2hours 13minutes 11seconds
    21. IOExceptional Priest 2hours 43minutes 20seconds
    22. jagersmash Paladin 3hours 45minutes 18seconds
    23. cburmeister Priest 3hours 52minutes 00seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. NeaphiTV Warrior+Druid 2hours 10minutes 43seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 20
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Colroyds Hunter 6hours 29minutes 45seconds
    2. zeroji Hunter 6hours 45minutes 54seconds
    3. cauthonluck Hunter 6hours 58minutes 09seconds
    4. Ahmp Hunter 7hours 05minutes 18seconds
    5. Goetia Warlock 8hours 20minutes 32seconds
    6. towely Shaman 9hours 25minutes 56seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 30
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Ahmp Hunter 0day 16hours 46minutes 19seconds
    2. zeroji Hunter 0day 18hours 33minutes 48seconds
    3. Goetia Warlock 0day 22hours 07minutes 23seconds
    4. Colerogue Rogue 0day 22hours 56minutes 29seconds
    5. thebigripper Druid 1day 00hours 35minutes 04seconds
    6. towely Shaman 1day 02hours 16minutes 33seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 40
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Colerogue Rogue 1day 21hours 13minutes 49seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. treasure33333 Shaman 1hour 25minutes 16seconds
    2. Ashkandi Mage 1hour 30minutes 17seconds
    3. Jokerdtv Mage 1hour 30minutes 36seconds
    4. Ichinoze Mage 1hour 31minutes 12seconds
    5. phi Warlock 1hour 36minutes 29seconds
    6. dqlol Mage 1hour 44minutes 10seconds
    7. Redzy_TV Mage 1hour 44minutes 13seconds
    8. Wolf Druid 1hour 52minutes 47seconds
    9. oddiz4u Druid 2hours 06minutes 12seconds
    10. Stoepsel Warrior 2hours 35minutes 01seconds
    11. bananafishbones Hunter 2hours 59minutes 28seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Stormthegates Warrior+Paladin 2hours 02minutes 16seconds
    2. FuzzyDyce Warrior+Mage 2hours 41minutes 05seconds
    3. aeh Warlock+Priest 2hours 47minutes 39seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 20
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Dankmandan Hunter 8hours 24minutes 56seconds
    2. Bornlesszero Druid 8hours 49minutes 41seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 30
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Fredsj Hunter 17hours 31minutes 16seconds
    2. Dankmandan Hunter 19hours 42minutes 31seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Judgement Paladin 1hour 33minutes 21seconds
    2. Aramed Mage 1hour 45minutes 40seconds
    3. Stattick Warlock 1hour 49minutes 46seconds
    4. Kup Rogue 1hour 57minutes 19seconds
    5. Caspus Paladin 1hour 58minutes 29seconds
    6. Jalapeno Warlock 2hours 04minutes 36seconds
    7. Dankmandan Hunter 2hours 09minutes 27seconds
    8. Escalotes Hunter 2hours 15minutes 33seconds
    9. Alenya Hunter 2hours 24minutes 45seconds
    10. Kvmphvre Rogue 2hours 25minutes 21seconds
    11. Tactics Rogue 2hours 26minutes 27seconds
    12. Rokman Rogue 2hours 47minutes 16seconds
    13. Teebling Hunter 3hours 04minutes 29seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 20
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Aliencowfrog Hunter 8hours 10minutes 20seconds
    2. Dankmandan Hunter 8hours 47minutes 59seconds
    3. Alenya Hunter 9hours 04minutes 07seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. newt0n Hunter 2hours 13minutes 25seconds

    Silver Hand
    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Catfood Rogue 2hours 07minutes 30seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 20
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. PaoPaoChan Warlock 7hours 40minutes 04seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. JokerdTV Mage 2days 17hours 17minutes 00seconds

    Vanilla Repack
    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 10
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Aliencowfrog Shaman 1hour 12minutes 20seconds
    2. Colroyds Shaman 1hour 14minutes 46seconds
    3. chazhk Hunter 1hour 16minutes 34seconds
    4. Jokerdtv Mage 1hour 19minutes 47seconds
    5. Akkon Shaman 1hour 21minutes 39seconds
    6. YaBoi Mage 1hour 24minutes 05seconds
    7. SlyngeL Hunter 1hour 26minutes 37seconds
    8. Est Warlock 1hour 27minutes 19seconds
    9. Aegnor Mage 1hour 29minutes 08seconds
    10. Nivek Shaman 1hour 29minutes 16seconds
    11. Bornlesszero Druid 1hour 31minutes 04seconds
    12. Sheep Warrior 1hour 31minutes 40seconds
    13. Aegnor Hunter 1hour 32minutes 18seconds
    14. Est Mage 1hour 32minutes 28seconds
    15. Ahmp Hunter 1hour 33minutes 22seconds
    16. Karmond Hunter 1hour 34minutes 25seconds
    17. Tactics Rogue 1hour 35minutes 14seconds
    18. Vemp Paladin 1hour 35minutes 38seconds
    19. Xinergy Warlock 1hour 36minutes 08seconds
    20. Sterics Mage 1hour 36minutes 13seconds
    21. Yeyeftw Hunter 1hour 36minutes 34seconds
    22. Teriko Mage 1hour 36minutes 43seconds
    23. Goetia Warlock 1hour 37minutes 33seconds
    24. Jpy Hunter 1hour 37minutes 37seconds
    25. Timberfist Mage 1hour 38minutes 21seconds
    26. Warcrazy Shaman 1hour 38minutes 27seconds
    27. Berg Hunter 1hour 40minutes 36seconds
    28. Warcrazy Warrior 1hour 40minutes 49seconds
    29. Warcrazy Warlock 1hour 42minutes 12seconds
    30. oddiz4u Druid 1hour 44minutes 08seconds
    31. Zephan Warlock 1hour 44minutes 28seconds
    32. Timberfist Paladin 1hour 47minutes 32seconds
    33. Grav Warrior 1hour 47minutes 49seconds
    34. Massivechonk Hunter 1hour 48minutes 56seconds
    35. Kup Warrior 1hour 50minutes 11seconds
    36. Sams Warrior 1hour 53minutes 24seconds
    37. Vemp Hunter 1hour 57minutes 05seconds
    38. Xinergy Priest 1hour 59minutes 36seconds
    39. Xin Warrior 2hours 00minutes 36seconds
    40. Alenya Hunter 2hours 09minutes 18seconds
    41. Timberfist Priest 2hours 10minutes 39seconds
    42. Sams Rogue 2hours 20minutes 30seconds
    43. FTHforever Warlock 2hours 30minutes 28seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 20
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. SlyngeL Hunter 6hours 40minutes 20seconds
    2. Est Mage 6hours 44minutes 01second
    3. Jpy Hunter 6hours 54minutes 10seconds
    4. Blendio Hunter 6hours 58minutes 58seconds
    5. Yeyeftw Hunter 7hours 02minutes 16seconds
    6. Aliencowfrog Hunter 7hours 02minutes 58seconds
    7. Berg Hunter 7hours 03minutes 12seconds
    8. Jokerdtv Mage 7hours 38minutes 34seconds
    9. Massivechonk Hunter 7hours 40minutes 18seconds
    10. Warcrazy Warlock 7hours 48minutes 45seconds
    11. Tactics Rogue 7hours 50minutes 15seconds
    12. Judgement Paladin 7hours 52minutes 03seconds
    13. Goetia Warlock 7hours 52minutes 26seconds
    14. Alenya Hunter 7hours 58minutes 07seconds
    15. Warcrazy Shaman 8hours 00minutes 46seconds
    16. Ashkandi Mage 8hours 54minutes 38seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 30
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Fred Hunter 16hours 03minutes 13seconds
    2. Soyoen Hunter 16hours 37minutes 48seconds
    3. Berg Hunter 17hours 42minutes 08seconds
    4. Massivechonk Hunter 18hours 00minutes 04seconds
    5. Alenya Hunter 19hours 11minutes 55seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 50
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Cryphis Hunter 2days 14hours 53minutes 36seconds

    Forum Name Class /Played @Level 60
    ---------- ----- -----------------
    1. Cryphis Hunter 4days 1hour 17minutes 24seconds


    Topic starter Posted : 30/12/2018 9:42 am
    Noble Member

    Ooh a competition! WHAT DO I WIN.

    Jk lol. Sounds cool man - do we just screengrab our character at level 20 and /played time? Actually a really cool idea that I would definitely be interested in - I actually have a client set up now and a LH account so would be all for it Smile

    Posted : 30/12/2018 9:47 am
    Reputable Member

    Ooh a competition! WHAT DO I WIN.

    Jk lol. Sounds cool man - do we just screengrab our character at level 20 and /played time? Actually a really cool idea that I would definitely be interested in - I actually have a client set up now and a LH account so would be all for it Smile

    Not sure how realistic prizes are as there’s no way to actually make sure everyone didn’t get help along the way. Bragging rights will be your prize, and knowing that you’re that much better prepared for classic launch. I don’t plan to have a limit, so you can play to beat your previous time too.

    What are people’s opinions on rested? Obviously someone making a point to maximize rested will come out ahead on /played, and Northdale is 2x vanilla rested accumulation rate.

    Posted : 30/12/2018 11:03 am
    Noble Member

    Well I've already started a 1-20 run for jokes and, I'm sure you will all be happy to hear this, it is going very very slowly at the moment LoL
    Was awesome though. So started off Orc Warr username 'teebling', all the first quests swooshed by pretty quickly. When I got into that first cave with all the imps/felhounds I was in a few groups. Unfortunately took a while before I could tag Yarogg Baneshadow for his medallion so I just stood around chatting to people nearby as I waited for him to respawn:

    Finally got a group together with four of us and we took him down just before some other people turned up. Northdale is busy! The same group I was with we all stuck together and went across to Sen'Jin Village to start the Echo Isles quests there. This is when they dying started - we were all like level 5 and fighting level 10 bosses and lots of mobs LoL

    I eventually died too many times and my buddies finished their quests then politely fucked off leaving me on my own being corpse camped by a group of angry trolls on the isles. Right now I have three big quests which are all one or two items/mobs away from being completed and ressed back at Sen'Jin. This game is beautiful by the way.

    I think what I'm going to do now (and should have done before) is run to Razor Hill first to pick up Skinning - this would have been very very nice indeed after all the tigers/saurs on the isles and will keep this in mind for my next run. You learn something new every day I suppose

    Enjoying myself but I think I gave up on the speed run aspect a while back ahaha! I'm currently level 5 (one bar from 6).

    Posted : 30/12/2018 11:59 am
    Reputable Member

    teebling glad to see you getting your feet wet on Northdale!

    You should check out Vanilla Guide as it gives a much better base route to improve on than just following the quests as you come into new areas. For example, for Orc/Troll you would do some Razor Hill quests before the ones on the Echo Isles so you end up level 8-9 when you do those, it’s much more efficient as those quests are ideal with a group even at 8-9.

    Posted : 30/12/2018 12:53 pm
    Trusted Member

    Shiiiiet I'm looking forward to classic, it's gonna be so great!

    As for leveling competition, it sounds damn fun, but I'm currently in a no classic/hype building mode (would hate burning out!). My schedule doesn't allow for nolifing the great way when classic launches, so I'm taking the smell the flowers route anyway; no need to optimize any part. I am considering waiting a week after launch and THEN take a week off to nolife and then return to the schedule. We'll see.

    Any and all people participating in the thread I will be cheering for though.

    Posted : 30/12/2018 1:44 pm
    Estimable Member

    I hope you lot will have a lot of fun. I don't think I will take part (at least this time around) since I have many other games to play and finish before early summer 2019.

    Though I do get the urge to level a class in the way of the old days.

    Still leaning towards Shaman, but Paladin and Priest still interests me.

    Posted : 30/12/2018 5:51 pm
    Noble Member

    The adventure continues... I ran up to Razor Hill to find a Skinning trainer and found nothing there. Went all the way to Org in the end to get that trained. Also trained Mining. Once this was done I headed back down to the Echo Isles to finish off those quests which were nearly complete. Managed to do everything without dying and found this weird Cheshire Cat statue.


    Headed back into Sen'Jin and did the Centaur quest quickly before heading back up to Razor Hill. I struggled with the quests again and it was slow going but with a little help from some randomers I made it through. As the AH stuff got sold found myself with about 50 silver so decked the badboy out with some white gear. Looking hot:


    On the way back from an AH visit at Org I met that goblin dude outside the canyon entrance going south and picked up a Harpy item-finding quest. Met this troll shaman dude called 'Whereyaat' who was a level higher than me and clearly doing the same thing. Eventually ended up playing with this guy for like 2 hours as we quested together. He was healing me throughout and we shared chests, loot and bags that dropped. Really cool guy - I obviously had to tell him about the site so what's up Ctreadwell92!


    Whereyaat went to go do his Shaman class quest as he had already hit level 10 and I went up to Org to hand in some letter to my boy Thrall. The original gangster was right there with all the homeboys around him looking chill as fuck. He asked me to shank some guys outside Org so naturally I obliged. The real warchief.


    This had me hit level 10, which I was really happy to get Smile First talent point spent (on the wrong thing haha) and feeling pretty good. Was talking to Whereyaat and he said he found this way more fun even if it was slower and no quest markers around etc. Have to say that finding stuff was really tough - you had to pay attention to quest text and directions like 'North West of here' and stuff. Was pretty awesome tbh.

    Time played to 10: 5 hours, 48 minutes.


    I'm really glad I took skinning early on - it was a trek to Org that early but it was so worth it. Got lots of Light Leather and now I'm ready to train up Journeyman skinning. Finding ore nodes was a bit tougher but I did have the immense satisfaction of finding a node already being mined by another noob who kept on Failing, and I just started mining the same node and got some ore first go round. He must have been pissed LoL

    Anyway, I think that's it for /played competition for me - I join another ship in a few days and don't think I'll have time to make it to 20 before I have to leave. It's been a lot of fun and will continue playing my Northdale warrior until I do eventually have to return to real life. Hope you guys enjoyed reading this mini chronicle!

    Posted : 31/12/2018 10:35 am
    Reputable Member

    teebling loving the walkthrough style posts about your journey on Warrior. Be careful with your gold, though!
    E: Get First Aid!

    If we get enough interest I will post an official thread with a table with everyone’s progress. Have not started a character for this yet but coming up on 4 days off in a row!

    Posted : 31/12/2018 11:10 am
    Noble Member

    Okay so I just did a really fast run to lvl 10 on a Hunter!


    Time: 3 hours 4 minutes - half the time it took on the warrior.

    So much quicker and easier to level - even without a pet all the way to lvl 10. Loved it so much! I followed Joana's guide which was very well laid out and is like an optimal speed run route for Durotar. There were even a few times where you kill yourself just to teleport back to town quicker. I changed the ending order a bit to rush for the level 10 ding - otherwise was to the letter. Fucked up on one quest - could have saved another 5 minutes easily (and been sub-3 hours) but oh well. I didn't take any professions apart from First Aid.

    So who's going to try and beat me? Razz

    Posted : 01/01/2019 2:08 pm
    Reputable Member

    teebling nice time for level 10, curious to see what you can make of 10-20!
    I’ll be revising my 1-10 route over the next few days, will post some results soon.

    Posted : 01/01/2019 4:12 pm
    Noble Member

    This is a cool idea but like we were talking about in that 'preparing for classic wow' thread I think you'll find a few people don't want to 'spoil' Classic by playing pservers. Nothing against them personally but do bear that in mind.
    Whereyaat went to go do his Shaman class quest as he had already hit level 10 and I went up to Org to hand in some letter to my boy Thrall. The original gangster was right there with all the homeboys around him looking chill as fuck. He asked me to shank some guys outside Org so naturally I obliged. The real warchief.

    Posted : 03/01/2019 8:07 am
    Reputable Member

    Well I finally quit procrastinating and gave a timed 1-10 a good run. I hit 10 at 2 hours 27 minutes /played. I think I can get it below 2 hours with some luck and less mistakes.

    Posted : 08/01/2019 10:18 pm
    Noble Member

    Nicely done mate, you beat me by a country mile!

    Come February I will have my revenge Roll

    Posted : 09/01/2019 2:57 am
    Reputable Member

    Finished up 10-20, putting total /played at 11 hours 47minutes.
    Again, good bit of room for improvement and mistakes noted. Sub 10 hours seems feasible at 20 for a very efficient run with practice.

    Posted : 10/01/2019 10:31 pm
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