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This is a comprehensive listing of non-video format resources for WoW Classic players. It includes guides, opinion, web tools, spreadsheets, data, graphics and other information pages that you may find useful. It has been compiled over the last two years of waiting for Classic. Last updated: 22nd September 2019

If you would like to add your resource to the list private message me or leave a reply below and I will do so at the soonest opportunity.

Data & General Tools
Forum Discussion
News & Blue Trackers
Guild & Friend Finders
Levelling General

  • Warrior

  • Rogue

  • Hunter

  • Shaman

  • Paladin

  • Warlock

  • Priest

  • Druid

  • Mage

  • PvE General
    PvP General
    Roleplaying & Lore
    Art & Technical Resources
    Other discords

    datatoolsImage/images/guides/bl_datatools.pngData & General Tools

    Wowhead Classic
    Vanilla WoW DB
    Infographic of race and class distribution by survey
    Classic addons working in beta/planned/requested
    Classic addons spreadsheet
    WoW Interface Classic section
    SixtyUpgrades - Item upgrade finding tool
    Bobo talents - level by level talent progression tool
    Which class should I choose? (web tool)
    WoW Classic interactive maps (gamermaps)
    Classic Buddy iOS/Android App
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Tier Sets Gallery
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Race & Class Comparison
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Base Stats Calculator

    generalImage/images/guides/bl_generalinfo.pngForum Discussion

    XPoff Twinks
    Original forum mirror
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Barrens Chat

    bluetrackersImage/images/guides/bl_bluetrackers.pngNews & Blue Trackers

    WoW Classic Countdown + News
    Is Classic out yet?
    John Staats AMA
    MMOchamp Classic Blue Tracker
    Official forums Blue Tracker
    Image/images/achievements/service.png WoW Classic FAQ: What we know so far

    guildfindersImage/images/guides/bl_guildfinders.pngGuild & Friend Finders

    Vanilla Friends
    ClassicRaids Guild Finding Tool
    Filterable spreadsheet of recruiting guilds
    [Discord] Classic WoW Guilds
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Mk. Ultra Guild Management & Administration sheet by xCellers
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Loot council planner
    Image/images/achievements/service.png The Guilds of Barrens Chat


    Basic stats /">[Archived] Official WoW Game Guide
    WoW Master Guide (Brady Games PDF)
    Getting Started with WoW Classic
    /r/AzerothNoob Classic help for newcomers
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Picking a Class
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Glossary of common terms

    levellingImage/images/guides/bl_levelling.pngLevelling General (in-browser quest guide in React JS)
    When will I ding 60 calculator
    Infographic of skills attainable by level for each class
    Infographic on how not to get dazed by mobs
    Tigerlily's top 10 tips
    Vanilla Cheat Sheet
    1 - 60 Grinding Guide
    Mob grinding XP chart
    Mob levels by zone
    Experience formula for all levels
    Pie chart of XP required for each level
    List of melee weapons for levelling
    Orgrimmar points of interest map
    Healing spells efficiency by level
    Wands by level
    Guide to rested experience
    Checklist infographic for quest chapter collection
    Maximising rep gains whilst levelling
    This item begins a quest list
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Ahead of the pack - lessons learned from speedrunning

    warriorlImage/images/guides/bl_warrior.pngWarrior specific

    Triface's guide to vanilla tanking
    Fire resistance gear
    Zaxlor's Arms Warrior levelling cheat sheet
    DPS warrior spreadsheet
    Handy visual for abilities by stance
    [Nost]PvP Arms considerations by Arcuado
    Fury gear + DPS spreadhseets
    [Nost] 1.12 Warrior macros
    Warrior basics by Bludge
    PVE Fury Warrior DPS Guide
    PVE Protection Warrior Tank Guide
    [Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Warriors
    [Discord] Fight Club (Warrior Classic)

    rogueImage/images/guides/bl_rogue.pngRogue Specific

    Shadow Panther
    Sword progression for Rogues infographic
    Stockguy's info dump for Horde rogues
    List of Classic Rogue macros
    [Nost] Oto's Rogue guide
    Lockpicking 1-300
    Rogue Poisons Guide
    So you want to level a dagger rogue?
    1.12 BiS gear list
    Which Rogue skills are worth buying when levelling
    Minimal UD Rogue cheat sheet by DasMilo
    [Discord] Rogue Classic
    [Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Rogues
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Level 19 Twink Guide + BiS

    hunterImage/images/guides/bl_hunter.pngHunter Specific /">The Arrow and You
    Vanilla Gaming 'How to Hunter'
    Hunter macros /">[Archived] Hunter damage cycles breakdown
    WatchYourSixx' 1.12 Spreadsheet
    Horde and Alliance BiS
    Hunter levelling (fishing + cooking incl.) cheat sheet by KrispyKareem
    Petopia Classic
    Draakex's Hunter Levelling Sheet
    Get a fucking owl p">[Archived] TKA on Pet Attack Speeds
    Rhok'delar quest chain
    Ultimate leaf guide for Rhok
    [Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Hunters
    [Discord] Hunter Classic

    shamanImage/images/guides/bl_shaman.pngShaman Specific

    Enhancement shaman quick infographic
    Egregious' Resto Shaman Guide
    Egregious' progressive itemisation list
    Egregious' throughput and and efficiency tool /">[Archived] Bloodskull School of Enhancement
    Elemental PvP guide
    [Elysium] King's Levelling Guide
    [Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Shaman
    [Discord] Shaman Classic
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Devner's guide to the Shaman Tank
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Electrify Your Victims! - Elemental Shaman PvP

    paladinImage/images/guides/bl_paladin.pngPaladin Specific

    Paladin progressive item upgrades sheet, by xCellers
    Vault of the Silverhands gear primer for Holy Paladins, by xCellers
    [Elysium] Theloras' Retribution guide
    [Elysium] Prot tanking by Ratziel
    [Nost] Prot tank BiS
    Holy Paladin PvE
    Paladin blessings breakdown
    [Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Paladins
    [Discord] Paladin Classic

    warlockImage/images/guides/bl_warlock.pngWarlock Specific /">TopDPS's Raiding Guide
    Zephan's gearsheet
    Dreadsteed of Xoroth guide
    Obtaining your Doomguard
    Upgrading to T0.5
    Warlock Tanking Guide
    [Discord] Warlock Classic
    [Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Warlocks
    Image/images/achievements/service.png J Norton's Orc Warlock

    priestImage/images/guides/bl_priest.pngPriest Specific

    [Elysium] What the light will tell you
    Tig's Holy BiS spreadsheet
    Fount of Shadow theorycraft
    Big's Disc PvP Guide
    Covello's 2006 Priest levelling guide (wanding)
    [Nost/Elysium] Fisher's Priest levelling guide
    Getting lesser magic wand quickly
    Shadow focus for PvP study
    Shadow priest tips and tricks
    Shadow priest gear + DPS calculator
    [Discord] Priest Classic
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Seebus' Guide to Holiness
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Smite priest - Holy DPS

    druidImage/images/guides/bl_druid.pngDruid Specific

    Taladril's bear tanking guide
    Taladril's List of Druid Gear
    [Elysium] A Grizzly Situation (bear tanking)
    By the great winds I come - Balance Druid treatise by Keftenk
    Shedo's Feral Spreadsheet
    [Nost] Boomkin 1.11 guide
    [Nost] Resto Drood 1.8 guide
    Alamo teechs u 2 play DURID
    [Discord] Druid Classic
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Pipinna’s Bear Druid Macros List

    mageImage/images/guides/bl_mage.pngMage Specific

    Infraos' 1.13 Mage Guide
    AoE farming spots for mages tool
    [Kronos] The PvE Mage for dummies
    [Nost] Dalaran Tome of Knowledge
    Frost Damage Calculator
    [Discord] Mage Classic
    [Podcast] Countdown to Classic on Mages
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Jpy's early gold farming and AOE guide

    pveImage/images/guides/bl_pve.pngPvE General

    Ozgar's spell downranking tool
    Pingaan's raiding sheets
    BiS web tool divided by phases
    SICK infographic for key/attunements by SivHD
    Only Buff (enchants and consumables tool)
    Dungeon maps for tanks by ReverendChris
    WoW Rares - rare mob map locations site
    Dungeon and Raid Loot Tool
    Tips on DPS in dungeons
    Threat guide and reference table
    General healing guide
    All abilities by class spreadsheet
    BiS spreadsheet each class + stage
    List of keys, attunements and summoning items
    Spreadsheet of all Dungeon Quests
    WoW Dungeon Companion (Brady Games PDF) /">Vanilla guide to world buffs
    Dungeon quests spreadsheet
    Taladril's Consumables List
    [Kronos] Attunements
    Dungeon and Raid Keys guide
    Flooent's reference sheet
    Progressive itemisation for each patch. Now searchable!
    Image/images/achievements/service.png FTH's Dungeon grouping guide
    Image/images/achievements/service.png How to obtain the T 0.5/Dungeon Set 2 upgrades
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Wintersaber Trainers Exalted Reputation
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Bloodsail Buccaneers Reputation

    pvpImage/images/guides/bl_pvp.pngPvP General

    PvP ranking/honor systems overview
    Tears for Angwe
    Griefing and creative ganking guide
    [Discord] Classic WoW PvP
    PvP Consumables List
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Classic level 19 bracket for dummies
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Avoiding Ganks whilst Levelling
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Nymis' Manual of War - World PvP guide
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Guide to Fire Resistance

    professionsImage/images/guides/bl_professions.pngProfessions & Gold

    Advanced AH gold making tips by Goblin Sachs
    How to make best use of Bank Alts
    Fishing/Cooking/Alchemy infographic for healer money making
    Handy secondary professions visual guide
    Saving gold for mounts
    Professions overview wowhead
    WoW Classic Profession Guides from Warcraft Tavern
    WoW Classic Profession Guides from Gnarly Guides
    Skinning to vendor for gold
    Cloth farming guide
    Ghost Mushroom Farming Guide
    [Podcast] Countdown to Classic on making gold part 1 and part 2
    So you want to craft Sulfuras? [Infographic]
    So you want to craft Thunderfury? [Infographic]
    Alchemy, Cooking and Enchanting materials crafting spreadsheet
    Very simple Cooking 1-300 using mostly Fishing
    Learning the value of Gold
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Blacksmithing mastery
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Centurion's Simple Gold Guide
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Hidden & Special Vendors of Azeroth

    roleplayImage/images/guides/bl_roleplaying.pngRoleplaying & Lore

    All 60 in-game lore books in a PDF (v2)
    Choosing an appropriate name
    Lore explanation imgur gallery
    Family tree of WoW races
    WoW RP name generator
    The World's End Tavern guide to RP
    Engadget guide to RP
    Know your lore (Classic)
    Alliance races
    Horde races

    arttechImage/images/guides/bl_addons.pngArt & Technical resources

    Scrolls of lore art galleries
    Blizzard developers portal
    Original fan site kit
    Win10 Classic Theme
    WoW Development Wiki
    Animated wallpapers by Minorou
    Super upscaled high res world maps
    Item PNGs for loot, by Athena
    Improving Classic performance on Linux
    Fixing Win10 Classic graphics bugs with AA
    Raid scheduling and linking bot for Discords
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Mambo's mini-guide to amazing screenshots
    FPS reminder for people with high Hz monitors
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Logos for each phase's content highlights
    Image/images/achievements/service.png 145 animated GIF avatars
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Thimz's Toolbox for Creatives
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Ultrawide wallpapers of each zone and city
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Ultrawide wallpapers of each raid and dungeon
    Image/images/achievements/service.png All Classic icons in .PNG
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Transparent-background renders
    Image/images/achievements/service.png High resolution terrain maps of Azeroth
    Image/images/achievements/service.png All world map tiles explored and unexplored
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Syturio's Style Pack
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Signature userbars

    discordImage/images/guides/discord.pngOther Discords

    Classic WoW
    Classic WoW EU
    Classic WoW Theorycrafting
    Warcraft Tavern
    Classic WoW Live
    Countdown to Classic
    Classic Twink Theorycraft


    All Classic factions having reputation infographic
    High resolution detailed and labelled map of Azeroth
    Azeroth Maps - interactive data maps for Classic
    Wyri Maps Vanilla - google maps-type web tool
    WoW Vanilla-era music playlist
    Breakdown of each patch contents
    Wall jumping album on imgur
    Countdown to Classic Podcast
    Total Biscuit's Blue Plz Radio Image/images/tatticons/tomb.png R.I.P.
    Bugs/feedback from demo megathread
    WoW is Classic m">[Archived] Original WoW Community website /">[Archived] Goblin Worskhop
    Image/images/achievements/service.png Items with weird and wonderful effects

    Topic starter Posted : 05/03/2019 5:19 am
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    Amazing work @teebling and all the collaborators!

    Posted : 05/03/2019 5:51 am
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    Love that you've included Saint Angwe in the guides as well, hahaha! Well done!

    Posted : 05/03/2019 5:57 am
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    And this goes straight to favorites... thanks teebling !

    Posted : 05/03/2019 6:39 am
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    Bookmarked! Thanks

    Posted : 05/03/2019 6:51 am
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    This is great! Thanks Teeb.

    Posted : 05/03/2019 7:49 am
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    Love that you've included Saint Angwe in the guides as well, hahaha! Well done!

    [Local Defense] Menethil Harbour is under attack!

    Bless you Angwe

    Topic starter Posted : 05/03/2019 8:21 am
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    Lovely ! I am getting more and more hyped each week .... :)))

    Posted : 05/03/2019 8:51 am
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    This is an amazing list. Thanks teebling!

    Posted : 07/03/2019 5:12 pm
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    Fantastic! This really helps with the pre-planning and prep. The mage section helps jog my fading memory. Thank you!

    Posted : 09/03/2019 12:24 am
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    Very helpful, thank you teebling!

    Posted : 09/03/2019 6:55 pm
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    This is a great compilation! I see my Master Guide scan in there. I also uploaded the Dungeon Companion scan on my account. You can see my name under the Master Guide page. I also uploaded the GIMP file for my detailed map on there if anyone wants to improve upon my map. I want someone to make it better honestly.

    Posted : 26/04/2019 11:35 am
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    Updated with some new stuff and fixed some broken links.

    Topic starter Posted : 17/05/2019 3:56 pm
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    Updated with some new stuff and fixed some broken links.

    Why did you remove the Kargoz powerpoint links?

    Posted : 17/05/2019 5:10 pm
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    Updated with some new stuff and fixed some broken links.

    Why did you remove the Kargoz powerpoint links?

    Inaccurate on the whole with a lot of private server-only stuff like front stabbing for rogues etc. I’ve had a lot of people asking me to take them down.

    Topic starter Posted : 18/05/2019 1:40 am
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