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Shaman or Warrior  

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Hey guys,

I’m a late starter in classic. Can’t decide between an enchancement shaman or dps warrior. I know that dps wise is this a easy question. But i have fun with both classes. Need some advices which i should play until 60. I hate range dd and healins so just melee aspect.

Thank you very much

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Don't expect to have an easy time getting groups as Enhancement. In PvP Enhancement is nice but Resto is just better. Enhancement is super easy to kite but strong in <20 yard range. Elemental is just better though. Elemental does better DPS. Elemental is better at PvP. Enhancement is basically just the garbage spec Shamans have in Classic because Resto and Ele are both better at every aspect of the game except levelling.
Now that BWL is out you might have an easier time getting raid spot with Nightfall though.
I think you'll have an easier time getting groups as a Warrior, but I also think you will have a harder time gearing your Warrior due to the competition for gear. Lots of people make Warrior alts.

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Leveling as enhancement is way more fun. As 1h + shield enhancement, you can basically play any role. Tank, dps, heal, or maybe all 3 in a single dungeon group.

TBH, I think you're totally fine playing either one. I don't think one will lead to a terribly worse experience.

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