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New Member

I work in the telecommunications sector with VPN possibilities so actually I am able to do some parrallell "work". However I prefer not too and the addiction and time consumption of lvling is what scares me the most of this sexy ass game...

Posted : 06/09/2019 1:44 am
Trusted Member

The first week I was free and managed to get to 31. This week I only managed to get to 34, but that is okay.

Last week I no-lifed it and now it's back to work > crossfit > tv show > wow.

I hope to get to 36/37 at the end of this week.

Posted : 06/09/2019 1:55 am
Estimable Member

Working 40 hours a week + having a son at the age of 14 months keeps me rather busy, but luckily I took time off work for launch so I am sitting at lv35 and have planned Sunday so that I can stay on the computer the entire day.. Hoping for lv40 + mount mid next week!

Posted : 06/09/2019 2:20 am
Estimable Member

1-41 the first week. Now that I'm back at work I pretty much login to check my rested xp, check the ah and logout lol.

I don't really mind. Gonna save me a lot of time leveling with rested xp.

Posted : 06/09/2019 2:31 am
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It's great that we have this website. I am working at an office so I can check in very often.

After work can't login with my main because of the queues and I cannot wait for the free transfer option.

Posted : 06/09/2019 2:33 am
Trusted Member

Really no-lifed it so far, lvl 41. Off for a week though and hoping i can chill a bit. Grind is mesmerising though.

Posted : 06/09/2019 2:55 am
Trusted Member

I can play twice a week maximum so far. My Paladin is level 12 now.

Posted : 06/09/2019 4:23 am
Estimable Member

9-5 40 hr/week worker here.

I'm level 35 now. I scheduled some days off surrounding labor day weekend so I had 6 days off straight to play initially which got me to level 32.

It helps to have a very understanding wife. Mostly I'm just a late night person. I can game a few hours a night, but 3 or 4 nights of the work week I will push it and stay up until 2ish to get me a lot of time. I also can fit a lot in on the weekends still.

But again, having an understanding wife is key if you want to be married, a dad, full time job, and want to play this game.

Posted : 06/09/2019 6:11 am
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I'm level 24 now. That doesn't seem like a lot but I've definitely been putting in time. I did not take any days off work for Classic, and I've been keeping the same sleeping schedule, which means I only have a solid 2-3 hours every night. Most of my consistent playtime happens in the evenings from Sunday to Thursday. Fridays and Saturdays are typically reserved for my wife, family and friends.

I'm having a blast so far and did my first ever Deadmines run last night (this is my first Alliance character).

Posted : 06/09/2019 2:09 pm
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Focusing at work is harder. I play during half of my lunch-break. I think of Wow frequently while working. Aside from this minor issues I'm having a blast!

Posted : 06/09/2019 2:14 pm
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I work in law enforcement. We have a weird schedule. 2 days on 2 off 3 on 2 off 2 on 3 off. i work 6pm - 6am. I'm leveling two characters mage is at 25 and hunter is at 13. I play the mage when the wife isn't playing and hunter with her.

Same here, irregular shifts in 40+ hours a week. 2 kids a wife 3,4 times a week training sports & renovating a house.

No classic for now at this point, heck sleep is overrated.

Posted : 06/09/2019 2:22 pm
Trusted Member

It's amazing to look back and think how much time we put in this game when we were younger. No doubt, between my warrior and DK on retail, I have over 365 days /played. That's a scary thought to think I spent a year of my life in Azeroth (and various other continents) yet cannot wait to get back. I guess it really has become a home away from home.

Topic starter Posted : 06/09/2019 2:22 pm
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It sucks having real life obligations, but that's part of being an adult lol. I have probably spent a lot more time on classic than I should have, which is not anywhere near as much as I should have.

But such is life. On the bright side, one of the reasons I love classic so much more than retail is because I don't feel obligated to log in and do chores every day. The lack of artifact power, world quests, and other daily chores means that if I have to take a week off, nothing has changed. I just pick up right where I left off, and I'm not punished for not completing my daily chores.

Thank goodness we have classic.

Posted : 07/09/2019 6:10 am
New Member

Yeah, I'm in school 30 hrs a week and working as a waiter 25, so I have had to choose between WoW and sleep, and I haven't slept much! 😆

Posted : 13/09/2019 7:36 pm
New Member

Doing my best to remember that we will all hit 60 and eventually be raiding again, trying not to rush it or get annoyed

Posted : 14/09/2019 9:31 pm
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