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Closed beta access

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Hey guys.

Do anyone know if blizzard let people into closed beta access everyday or is it in phases? 🙂 cant seems to find the answer anywhere.
just dont want to sit and refresh my battlenet all the time if its not daily lol 😀

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In the past they did beta-invites in phases.

Some people (small and mid-sized streamers) reported that they got invites after the initial invite-phase of the current beta. But i think this is because they are streamers, content creators or from news/media.

I don't know how often new invites are sent, if they do the invites in phases this time. They could invite new players on a daily base or even manually depending on the state/process of development and testing.

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Yeah they haven't said how the beta access is being rolled out. neofrag is right about the streamers getting access slightly later on from what I saw too, but I haven't heard anything regarding normal users receiving beta access. I check it a couple times a day and hope for the best, but there's no telling how this'll go for the time being (unless I haven't seen something).

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I didn't get in because I started playing in late wod lmao.

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i did not get one and my account is from WC2 but i did not get the 10 year statue because my sub was never on the whole time

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