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Hi Guys,

Just wanted to share with you today something new I've been working on for the last few months.

Aggro Kings is a free online service for managing your guild, it features event management, a drag and drop event planner, a raiding dashboard, live event tracker, your guild bank online with a request system, site designer, in game addon for data extraction, fully featured admin section, boss kills, recruitment, news plus lots more. I've created it as an alternate to the Discord Bots, spreadsheets and other solutions you may have been used to in the past..

Some more detail about the highlight features include..

Guild Roster

  • Use the ingame addon to extract all player data and easily import to your site

  • Assign characters to website accounts to allow interaction as characters

  • Fully searchable, filterable system for viewing the roster online

  • More Details:

  • Guild Events

  • Calendar view for searching for upcoiming events

  • Security controlled event creation

  • Introduce class and role requirements

  • Sign up as your prefered character

  • Reservation, and roll DKP systems implemented

  • Loot list to aid with reservation selection

  • Breakdown of interested players

  • Visual see who are alt's / socials

  • Make public and allow none guildies to sign up

  • Public link to share event within the community

  • Signup widget with custom instance / boss images

  • Very customisable and configurable by an admin

  • More Details:

  • Guild Events - Planner

  • Drag and drop interface for building your raid composition

  • All interested players listed and sorted by class

  • Player availability matrix shows time availability

  • Able to drag onto 1st and 2nd reservation lists

  • Add a final raid comment

  • One click "announce" button, blocks signups and announces the raid to the guild

  • More Details:

  • Guild Events - Live Raid Dashboard

  • Real time dashboard to help manage the raid as it unfolds

  • Shared in real time with other admins / leaders

  • Manage player attendance

  • Allocate loot based on reservations or roll

  • Track boss kills and autop update Boss Kills module

  • Manually add players

  • Create a news post automatically to showcase the event

  • More Details:

  • Guild Events - Live Tracker

  • Similar to the above but available to all the guild

  • If you're unable to attend keep a track of whats going on with the raid log

  • Integrated with twicth to allow raiders to present two views of the event side by side

  • More Details:

  • Guild Bank

  • Use the ingame addon to extract the contents of your characters bags

  • Supports multiple bank characters & multiple players

  • Fully searchable, filterable system for viewing

  • Request system

  • Pending requests for bankers to action

  • Delivery requests for bankers to manage

  • More Details:

  • Boss Kills

  • Showcase your guilds progress

  • Stylish widget with custom instance images

  • Instance selection

  • View stats per boss

  • Upload and view screenshots ofi the kill

  • More Details:

  • Custom Domain Name

  • Create your own <guild-name> address

  • Can point your own domain at the site

  • Can purchase you a domain and point it at that (if you want).

  • I have lots more features so if any of the above has sparked an interest, jump over to my site and see if my service can help your guild.

    This service is very new so I expect bugs, together we can squash though Smile
    Thanks for your interest and I welcome your opinions, bug reports, feature requests etc


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    Aggro Kings :: Free Guild Management Websites

    Topic starter Posted : 06/07/2020 4:05 pm
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    Love seeing some old school wow resources still being today. Keeps the nostalgic feeling alive! Thanks for this.

    Posted : 08/07/2020 1:03 am
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