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Warrior stance keybinds?

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I've only got 2 stance keybinds, and you only need 2 in my opinion.

1. Most Defensive available stance
2. Most Aggressive available stance

I have most defensive on mouse wheel down, most aggressive on mouse wheel up! Works great for me

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I do quite a different approach, very similar to macros but does not use em, back from time on playing on multiple servers and not always macros working the same.

I use 5 for overpowering while I am in battle stance, and remembering 5 to be the overpower it doesn't matter if I press it once or twice in any stance. This button became my battle stance button in any other stance since this is the biggest reason for switching mid-fight to battle.

Same goes for same button for zerker stance and zerker rage, since while tanking I double press it to go to zerker to stance-dance

And finaly same goes for defensive stance and bind I use for disarm, since if I am in any other stance main reason for going to defense is disarm.

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