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**5 health per 5 seconds and there is nothing you can do about it!**

Posted : 06/08/2019 4:32 pm
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Because that will be the reality for most warriors most times. Most players are not a conjoined twin. Therefore they will spend most of their time solo, even if they have an organized team and are pushing premades. You will have scheduled times where you have the support of a healer, otherwise you area solo. A bleak reality for the tauren warrior.

I discussed this at length in my last post. Even accepting your no-healer premise, Tauren are still more forgiving because, again, most of your PvP is in small skirmishes — not the front line of AV.

Secondly, since we’re discussing BiS Warrior PvP race, then we should discuss it in its optimal conditions, which is with a healer.

Either way Tauren is the better PvP race in most situations. I explained this all in my last post.

Warstomp won’t provide anywhere near the value of hardiness in either a 1v1 or group fight context overall.

Let me back up to make sure you understand. Both races have a racial passive and racial active:

Added Melee Range (Tauren) vs Hardiness (Orc)

Warstomp (Tauren) vs Blood Fury (Orc)

This whole conversation so far has been about the passive comparison. When I bring up Warstomp it’s in comparison to Orc’s active racial, Bloodfury. You are obviously aware that Warstomp is a far superior PvP active.
Warriors are excited and many warriors see the potential downside that a tauren presents. All things are good in balance. Tauren reach will simply be too far in most cases and will work against taurens.

You will also see an over-representation of tauren warriors by primary influencers and content creators who will have the unique experience of having access to countless healers willing to follow them at all times.

It’s actually the exact opposite; all the excitement from years of theory crafting has been centered around Orcs, and so there will be an over representation of a Orc Warriors. Just look at the poll in this thread as proof. Most people just reading online chat discussions over the last year will certainly have fallen for the Orc OP circlejerk. Obviously they’re strong, but Tauren’s melee range was not part of the most popular Private Server these last several years. That’s why everyone is so surprised by it — and therefore the theorycrafting that worshipped Orcs never had the Tauren hitbox to compare it to. Now that we’ve had the Beta, many if not most people who have had to deal with Tauren Warriors have clearly said that Tauren are more fearsome Warrior Race.

Posted : 07/08/2019 3:30 pm
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