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Gearing warrior for pvp

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So im following guides on what items to get for pve as fury warrior but how do i know what items to get for pvp as arms in this phase? Is there a similar bis list to go after?

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Go to raids. Get a purple 2 hander. Go to PvP and win.

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there is a section in here that mentions "examples" of good pvp gear

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Stack Stamina, Strength and Crit. As always, a solid weapon is your priority above all else. is pre-raid BiS, and it's craftable. Technically is better but good fucking luck with that.

Pick up and from UBRS and BRD, respectively. Also, .

And for the love of god, get yourself a or . Nothing will make you feel more impotent in PvP than being disarmed, and once people know you can be disarmed, you will never see or hear the end of it.

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