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Best support class for Warrior?

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Dont multibox Warrior and Mage. Without a healer it takes too much micro to keep the Warrior alive through kiting. If you were to box the two you would be better off just leaving the Warrior on follow while you aoe farm.

Yeah, I like the idea of having a mage to farm, power level alts, and provide me with on demand portals. But the more I think about it, I think warrior/druid or warrior/pally for duo dungeon farming sounds good. I'm definitely recreating my warrior, and I've always preferred dungeon farming for gold making. I think warrior+healer will be my best bet there. Pally seems super simple to have as my alt character, and I'm not too concerned about the gear conflict, as pally is mostly there to buff and heal my warrior.

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I've played around with a few warrior + something duos and like how warrior+mage feels. When I tested warrior+healer combinations I found that the healing capabilities we're underutilized and I would usually decide to save healer Mana for dps abilities and use a bandage on the warrior. My motivation for this research is that I'm going to be dualboxing warrior+something.

My experience is based on multiboxing so I was looking for duos that could rely on /follow and relatively simple ability rotations, which doesn't apply in your case so keep that in mind. I found one build with warrior+mage that you might be interested in. At level 20 when the warrior gets cleave it can hold aggro on 2 mobs while the mage spams arcane explosion. Adding sweeping strikes and whirlwind let's you tank more mobs at a time. The rotation feels great with 2 characters because it offsets the reduced exp rate. The mage will need Arcane Subtlety so the warrior doesn't lose aggro. You might be able to switch from AE to blizzard/CoC later depending on how many mobs the warrior can handle.

I'm very interested in doing similar with warrior and mage dual box. What's the build you're referencing? You have the warrior go dps or do you go prot to hold aggo and mitigate while mage kills?

I haven't settled on a final build just yet but the "key" talents are "sweeping strikes" for the warrior and "arcane subtlety" for the mage. Since I was using arcane explosion I'm probably going to work my way down the arcane tree on the mage first then I might dip into Frost.

On the warrior I prefer a full dps build over damage mitigation. Arcane explosion + cleave, sweeping strikes, and whirlwind will kill mobs very quickly and the warrior can hold aggro without relying on DEF stance. I don't think mitigation is worth it while leveling because I found (on lightshope repack not classic beta) the warrior was often able to eat/bandage up to full health while the mage was still drinking. That being said, I could see a mitigation focussed warrior work well if you intend on pulling more than 3 mobs at a time. At around 3 mobs the warrior risked dying before the mage could aoe the mobs down. There might be a mitigation focussed leveling build that enables you to pull more at a time.

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So my mate is going Warrior for Classic. Ive been playing since vanilla, but never hit 60 til BC hit, so i have experience.

I have narrowed my choices to: Mage, Priest or Lock.

Mage because of free food and drink and portals. Priest because of heals and Lock because of Pet.

Which do you think is best to support a Warrior friend. Our goal is 60, but not a speed run. We want to enjoy.

Thank you in advance!!

IMO. Shaman, those totems and heals can really help out with damage and mitigation. But Priest warrior is always a good combo. I would pick shaman, then again that is if you are going Horde. No Shams for Alliance.

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Shaman supports Warrior great, both support each other (shouts and totems) and for Dungeon Groups you only need to look for 3 DPS.

Warlocks works better with Priest in my opinion, both are slow potatoes, Priests renew provides lock unlimited Mana, both deal shadow damage, pets tanks. However given your three choices laid out above, I would say Priest is the best option, Warlock 2nd and Mage is actually better off with a 2nd Mage or Priest for AOE leveling. 😉

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As a warrior, I would like to be grouped with both a priest and a mage,
They're an unstoppable trio.

Mage can teleport us across continents saving all of us time, conjure food items,
Freeze and slow enemies, Sheep unwanted targets, make farming monsters easy.
can also decurse or was it dispel magic?

Priest is the best healing healing class, they can heal the warrior with no struggle and if the mage takes any damage they can ice shield and be healed by the priest also with no problem. Removes poison, removes disease. Get 3 DPS and you're good to go.

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With your 3 picks it has to be Priest.

Warrior gets kited quite easily which makes Paladins their best support with Priests close behind. If kiting isn't a problem for you then Shaman is your best support with Windfury Totem. Priests are the best mixture with being able to dispel magic on both allies and enemies.

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I know you narrowed it to three classes but might I suggest Hunter? Hunter imo is the perfect for class indecisiveness. You level safely and fast and get to experience PVE raids/dungeons quickly and learn about other classes near you and how they function. Also a great money maker to help you funnel gold to your eventual class choice.

P.S. If you are looking for the class that can perform the most tasks and satisfy many different facets of the game go priest.

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If those are your three choices and you are dead set against anything else, or aren't rolling Alliance, then yes, priest is the best option.

Aside from priest, if you aren't completely against it, the scariest combination in this entire game is a warrior and paladin, hands down. Especially if that paladin is competent.

But since paladin isn't one of your choices it 100% a priest. Pretty much the only thing that will stop a warrior from destroying absolutely everything is movement impairing effects. Most (but not all of) movement impairing effects are magical abilities so priests are great for dispelling those. However, there are a ton of movement impairing effects that are no magical, like hamstring or wing clip, that dispel magic can't do anything to, and this is why I say Paladin is the best combo with a warrior because of that sweet sweet blessing of freedom they have which removes all movement impairing effects for I believe 8 seconds and prevents them from being effected by them for the duration. As a bonus the paladin also has the ability to cleanse magic debuffs, much like a priest.

So long answer is Paladin is the best, but short answer is priest since paladin isn't one of your choices.

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What Justbe said.

Warrior/Priest is a great combination, but Warrior/Paladin is fucking oppressive.

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Warrior pally ftw, but since you're dead set on playing savages I'd roll druid.

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