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Why the 49 bracket is the best bracket for PvP {Classic}

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I want to start off by saying this is my perspective, and we all have our own. I will try to cue fact more than opinion, but of course some of these areas will still boil down to a person's perspective. ​

So lets begin on why I believe the 49 bracket is the best bracket to twink. There are many brackets to choose from and many differences between each. We have the 19s, 29s, 39s, 49s, 59s, and 60s to choose from. All are great brackets in their own right, but don't have what the 49s do! So here we will focus on the unique differences the 49 bracket brings to the table.

1. Balance. Classes are much more complete at this level opening up class balance to a degree that no lower bracket or even higher bracket reaches. There isn't a single spec that cannot perform in this bracket, and all have their own strong niche. Due to unique gear, spec diversity, and abilities the bracket gives players the option to play any spec and class they choose. No one will be pigeon-holed into a specific class in order to be competitive. To those that will chime in and say if 49 why not just 59? 59s start to have the bracket imbalances between classes all the same as the 60s. Although I would still argue 59 is better off than the lower brackets.
2. Completed Talent Tree. This is a huge benefit due to the further complete feeling of a spec, and opening the crucial last talent of most trees. The game play gets closer to matching a lvl 60 with out the imbalance and grind 60 has. It also gives diversity and customization creating so many different builds that you will not see anywhere else.
3. Gear Choices. At 49 there are actually challenging choices one must make when gearing. Do I want more spell power or more over all stats? Should I sacrifice 6 stamina for 28 more attack power? It has much more customization due to gear having more competing pieces rather than just the landslide choices of some of the lower brackets. Who would honestly use a sword spec for Warrior over PoD in 39s? I wouldn't. In the 49s; however, you can without loss. In addition, there are so many options a person could twink to the min-max level or just grab some easy dungeon gear plus a few BoEs and be competitive. One could go full glass cannon if they so choose.
4. Mounts. Mounts are more than just a quality of life change. Which I consider to be a huge quality of life change. A person gains the ability to join up with world pvp groups, and chase invaders more easily. Also, mounts change the dynamic of battlegrounds. They change the response time for groups from node to node, and balance the separation between classes that do not have travel forms from those that do.
5. Skill Level Disparity. The 49 bracket has more abilities, playing styles, and capabilities than the lesser brackets. Genuinely speaking the bracket will show player skill level separation far more. More abilities to utilize for countering, or more abilities to maximize on opportunities. It all just really gives those with a high skill set to capitalize on a higher skill cap.
6. Level Competitiveness. The 49s are actually close enough to level 60 that a 49 can beat a level 60. This will of course begin to separate when better raid tier comes, but it gives a unique edge, and its own unique opening for fun world pvp/ dueling shenanigans.
7. Gearing Once. The completion of BiS gear will allow the player a less time consuming enjoyment to pvp rather than the hamster wheel of lvl 60. Someone wouldn't need to chase every raid release to accumulate better gear to stay relevant.
In conclusion, I wrote this by request and with the shared hope to bring more people into what we believe to be the best bracket. I landed on the 49s from early days bg'ing through the brackets. It truly struck me as one of the richest brackets to pvp in, and always held a special place within my memories of vanilla. I played the 49s all the way to MoP and am excited to once again get back into it. I would love to hear some of yall's input and stories of the 49s, and if any one is on the fence....(As Shila Buff would say) JUST DO IT!!!!

Also, a really good post from a friend and community leader of the 49 bracket. This post further breaks down some of the benefits of the 49 bracket and does a very thorough comparison of abilities available at 49 to 60. https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/cmqc57/4049_the_best_pvp_bracket_for_nonraiders/

Another post by the same author regarding the PvP Ability Difference between 49 and 60. https://www.reddit.com/r/classicwow/comments/cn5y46/level_49_pvp_abilities_compared_to_60/

Link to the post of Guides I have made for each class and spec. This is a useful source, but I always encourage one to do their own research. https://xpoff.com/threads/twink-guides-horde-side-focused.91738/

Link to the 49 Community Discord: https://discord.gg/XN3psxh

For those interested we have a Guild on US Benediction [Horde] called <Forty Niners>. Hit me up!

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