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1: Guild Name: <The Usual Suspects> Atiesh-Horde
2: Guild Leader: Sacred (Sacredfeet)
3: Guild Officers: Oatmeal - Discord IT; Naarikah - Recruitment Officer ; Boridan - Finance
4: Guild Focus: TBC Progression Raiding
5: Event Times: Fridays and Saturdays 700pm ST (PST).
6: Discord/Website: https://discord.gg/gfQv2mZS3t
7: Progression: 10/10 SSC/TK, We will be working on Hyjal and BT in the upcoming weeks once we get some more folks some gear.
8: Recruitment Needs: Ranged DPS and Healers. We are looking for any raiders who are willing to help other members with attunement/gearing for the upcoming P3 raids. We also welcome players who don't raid and are happy to have more members to run with for quests/dungeons. Once P3 releases, we want to clear content, while still having fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Priority - Shaman of all flavors. Shadow Priest. Warlocks.
9: Loot Rules: Currently using SoftReserve. We will be moving to EPGP once we have a full guild roster.
10: Notes: Running content in a relaxed environment. Please reach out to Naarikah/Narikaah on the discord for recruitment questions and invites in game. We are made up mostly of raiders who raid in more hardcore guilds during the week and have come together to be able to raid in a more relaxed environment with alts and friends and people we enjoy playing with. We have cleared all P1 and P2 content, and have cleared most if not all P3 content on our mains. If you're looking to clear content without the sweat, whether it be on an alt, or a main, this guild is for you!

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Bump. Need some shaman flavored water!

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