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<B R O K E N>

@< b r o k e n> Moziz Moziz @Klumpy / Keyni / Keyni / Keyni @Drop/Judgeu @Wolfdevil @Treecore @HolyWorm with any questions or interest

Broken is a team of veteran players that recently formed from another progression raid guild on Pagle. Our guild has full cleared all T4 & T5 content, and we currently have main raid spots available for our Hyjal (2/5) / BT team. Our Progression raid nights are Tuesday and Wednesday. 7pm invite start time/early trash start, 7:30pm hard start, to 11:00pm server. We will host other raids throughout the week, based off availability. Have a main in another guild but want to raid on your Alt during the week with us? No Problem!

Our loot system is currently MS>OS

We like to have fun, we joke, but we have 0 room for toxic players in our raid. Our goal is a Raid team, not a GDKP farm night, but a community focused on progressing to the eventual WOTLK Classic.

Full raid consumes are required for progression raids. Must be enchanted with correct enchants, correct gems, using correct raid consumes, and know every ability of the class you play.

Following directions, reviewing raid strategies, being on time, are expected.

Our current recruit needs are

Elemental Shaman
Resto Shaman
Warlock (Destro)
Resto Shaman
Hunter (BM)
Disc Priest / Holy Priest Arcane Mage

Exceptional DPS of other classes also considered that can attend both Tuesday/Wednesday days

We are also seeking bench roles for any part time players interested on either Tuesday or Wednesday as well as new 70s interested in raiding.

ALL Exceptional players will be considered regardless of specific needs.

Topic starter Posted : 06/04/2022 9:43 pm
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