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(Mankrik US-E) [H] is recruiting for TBC!

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Descension is an TBC focused semi-hardcore raiding guild, we formed on a TBC private server and have competed for server firsts in the past. Members are well versed in the TBC PvE endgame and will be supplying all the info needed so that our members can get their attunements, rep grinds and gearing done before Karazhan, the first raid, releases. We just recently moved to classic and are still in the very early stages of guild development, we want to have members interact with each other and get to know one another before they're locked in a raid together for 3 hours.


With us being new our primary goal right now is to establish a core 25 raiders before TBC launches to avoid pugging our progression raids. If we can achieve this goal before the launch of TBC we will be trying to clear some classic content. We'll deliver a clean and organized raiding experience and implement an effective DKP / Lootcouncil system.


We are looking for competitive players with a passion for The Burning Crusade and an aptitude for raiding. If you plan on raiding with descension you must be able to make at least the progression day, which will be Wednesday afternoons. If you don't plan to raid and you're just looking for social facilitation we're happy to provide.


All members must be 18+, and Access to a mic

No racism.


Recruitment channel: https://discord.gg/WgUQu4zaPM

If the discord link doesn't work DM Waglow#5542

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