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[EU][Firemaw][Alliance] - social guild building for dungeons, battlegrounds and raids

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We have just established a guild that might just appeal to you. We’re a group of friends in real life that have created a band called “Whiskey Pullz” - the name originated because the lads were all having a drink over Teamspeak and decided to pull everything in the dungeon in one go.

We’re aiming to help players gear up as we progress ourselves to 70 by dungeon boosting and helping each other quest. We’re active on Teamspeak and Discord and have setup our own Discord server which you can reach me on on: opsec#6365

I’d describe our group as always having a good bit of banter but happy to get stuck in and help where we can. We plan on running regular boosting dungeon events to help our guildies gear.

You’re more than welcome to join us and we’re starting to grow. If you send either of us a whisper in game: irtehvendi, irtehtank, irtehhealz, dustyshaman or bladewilson.

Topic starter Posted : 24/01/2022 9:17 am
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Hi! I'm interested to join the guild and i tried contacting on discord, my name is Wolff#9977, and in-game, but to no success. Ill happily wait unit an answer, see you!


Posted : 26/01/2022 5:05 pm
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