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[EU][A][Mirage Raceway][RESISTENCIA] - Portuguese Guild

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Guild Portuguesa **<RESISTÊNCIA>** - Alliance - Mirage Raceway - PvE
Semi-Hardcore • DKP loot system • Qua/Qui/Dom | 21:15 - 00:00 PT

P1 - Top 10 *Speed* (a constant during the whole P1)
P2 - 10/10 and many top10 speed kills

Recruiting Elemental Shaman and Warlock.
Any player/class is welcome to apply and compete for a raid spot.

We pride ourselves of being among great international guilds while maintaining a 100% portuguese roster.

Join our Discord and contact one of the officers to know more about this project.
Check our recruitment status and apply:
Apply removed link
Discord <a class="anchor-3Z-8Bb anchorUnderlineOnHover-2ESHQB" tabindex="0" title=" removed link " role="button" href=" removed link " target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener"> removed link

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@Resistencia you'll have to readd your links, they got flagged by our anti-spam for new users.

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