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[A] (US-PvP) | Semi-Hardcore | Realm- TBD

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<MVP> [ Alliance] | US-PvP | Semi-Hardcore| Realm- TBD

<MVP> is a Semi-Hardcore Alliance guild looking for friendly and competent players for Classic WoW TBC. We are a fresh guild starting a new for TBC classic. Just because we are fresh does not mean we lack experience. Our leadership core and raiders have experience ranging from world competitive Classic WoW speed and progression (US top 10/ World top 27), TBC private server firsts, and retail WoW CE US Top 50 rankings, Multi season Gladiators and much more!

We do not expect all our recruits to have this level of experience, however we do have some expectations. All the information is out there, such as boss mechanics and rotations. We expect before applying you research and understand the basic mechanics and rotations of the class you're applying for.

Our goal is to promote a healthy and friendly environment while most importantly ensuring raids are efficient.

Raid Info:

Server realm: TBD

Raid Time: Sunday/Monday | 7-10 pm PST

Loot Distribution System: Onslaught loot system and/or Loot Council (undecided at this moment)

Expectations/What Semi-Hardcore means to us:

Efficiently clear raid content within the raid time

Being on time and ready to pull at raid start time. (If emergency or issues occur, we understand that and there will be no penalties)

Have at least one PvE focused profession

Be open to feedback

Maintain positive attitude, maturity and overall, just having fun! (it’s a game).

Application: Contact me on through discord (username Ephy#0620) or join us on discord at https://discord.gg/aKnCbZNSkf

Topic starter Posted : 20/04/2021 2:39 pm
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