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Blizzard Hotfixing Too Much Honor, but leaves Arathi Basin Crashing

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So, as many of you have likely witnessed, Arathi Basin has been known to randomly kick players, regardless of score, activity, etc. This has happened after 30 minutes of being in the Battleground, on our way to receive even just 1 Mark of Honor and what's Blizzard doing about it? They are implementing a hotfix to deal with us receiving too much honor per battleground. Not one single mention about Arathi Basin kicking us. The biggest reason this is a problem is that 90% of the PvP gear is purchased using Arathi Basin tokens.

After 19 HOURS of maintenance (Yes, back in 2006-2007, it was fairly common for that to be a timeframe we would see, but that's not the point here) and at least a year of planning, testing and implementing systems into the launch, you would think that they would be able to handle things like this. No, I'm not on the bandwagon of Blizzard owing players for their lost play time, because that's just not going to happen, but accumulating hours upon hours of playtime in Arathi Basin without actually achieving anything (except some honor) it gets on the ol' nerves.

I am more than accepting of bugs in games, I really am. In fact, some are fun to find and experiment with. This, on the other hand, is NOT one of those times.


Topic starter Posted : 20/05/2021 2:49 am
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Ofc they will fix anything that makes people have to grind less but leave in something that does the opposite, same reason you have to go to town to train skills $$

Posted : 20/05/2021 3:26 pm
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It's probably true that fixing issues that give players too much "stuff" is high priority, but it's also likely that the honor change was as simple as going in and fixing a number. Figuring out why people are crashing can be much more difficult, as it can sometimes be hardware related (or so I've been told by people who know much more than me). 

Posted : 20/05/2021 3:34 pm
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I can agree to a certain extent - the honor change was likely based on changing numbers (the quantity of those numbers doesn't really matter) and the crashing likely requires much more diagnosing than that.

In this case, I think what most people are upset about (including myself) is how quickly Blizzard investigated, implemented and broadcasted the honor changes after the forum was created while we had been experiencing the kicks happening since launch, and I'm sure thousands of players were telling them from the start about it, and Blizzard hasn't acknowledged it (In the past, when they were aware of an issue, for example, they would put "Breaking News" on either the WoW Launcher or even fuller back, right on the login screen)

The other thing really irritating many players, again, including myself, is that the source of information that Blizzard is using for the honor "fix" actually came from a video of private server content, not live servers. They've also been proven wrong over a thousand times on that forum alone, and refuse to acknowledge anything except on their Twitter they link that forum as their actual source of information, when it's been debunked.

The other thing that has players ready to rumble with Blizzard is that we stayed in Battlegrounds for 30+ minutes and with no acknowledgement from Blizzard, many players are left wondering, will we be compensated for our missing tokens and honor?

Topic starter Posted : 21/05/2021 2:47 am
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I always wonder how much of the way Blizzard behaves is willful, and how much is the confused, ponderous movement of a behemoth. I suspect to do anything in a company like Blizzard requires checking with your boss, who checks with their boss, who consults an orb that gives a magic 8-ball type answer from the head mucky-mucks, leaving the wretched middle manger with the odious choice of making a decision or doing nothing.

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