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Second TBC Classic Survey Sent by Blizzard

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Back in March we posted about a survey from Blizzard asking about potential TBC Classic options, yesterday they followed up with another survey gathering more information from players.

We have some images thanks to the post from u/LetMeSpoilThisForU on the /r/ClassicWoW subreddit. The survey covers a range of items from TBC to potential fresh WoW Classic realms.

How interested are you in a "Classic" version of The Burning Crusade?

• Not at all interested
• Somewhat interested
• Moderately interested
• Very interested
• Extremely interested

Tbc Or Classic

Where do you think you would spend more of your time? Select one.

• A new "fresh start" WoW Classic realm where all content is reset to Day 1
• The Burning Crusade Classic
• I'd play both equally

How Likely Are You To Play Classic Tbc

How likely are you to play a "Classic" version of The Burning Crusade?

• Very unlikely
• Somewhat unlikely
• Neither likely nor unlikely
• Somewhat likely
• Very likely

Topic starter Posted : 20/12/2020 5:03 pm
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Very excited for TBC, Karazhan is probably my favorite raid in the history of WoW.

Posted : 20/12/2020 8:24 pm
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