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How are people liking TBC Classic?

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I was just curious if people were having fun... is it like you imagined? Like you remembered? I'm still not leveled up enough but I'm excited to see Outland. 

Topic starter Posted : 29/06/2021 5:01 pm
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I've been enjoying myself so far. This time around is a much different experience than I had back in 2007 during the original Burning Crusade expansion. Back then, there weren't many websites with guides on how to play your class or YouTube videos, so players were learning as they went, and they listened to the tank when we asked for some time to build sufficient threat. Back in Vanilla, most DPS waited for 3 Sunder Armors, even on trash, before attacking. Now, DPS start attacking before the pull even reaches the tank.

It's not a bad thing - the community has just evolved past that learning stage. It's not how I remembered it being except for the mechanics. But, then again, memory is subjective.

Outland is a great place to explore, and it has some beautiful sites out there, too.

Posted : 29/06/2021 10:57 pm
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Check out this video - it's a good watch.


Posted : 02/08/2021 3:43 am
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