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Silent Shadows | Website & Discord server 100% dedicated to TBC rogue

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Hey rogue brothers,

As a lot of you already know, TBC is coming to reality and this means that a lot of us are preparing for it. This is why, during the past two years, I worked with the generous help of multiple players from my community, on a website project named Silent Shadows.


Silent Shadows is a project born in 2018 on Discord, inside the SbkzorTV community (my personal youtube channel, as a rogue). When I retired from the game, I didn't want to abandon my community, and Discord and I didn't want my knowledge of the game behind me. I was received a lot of requests to produce guides for TBC Rogues and I wasn't sure how to proceed. So rather than quitting, I started to build a discord for guides which finally became a website project. It took almost two years in the process. 👇

The name: Silent Shadows refers to a very popular WotLK rogue movie (six silent shadows - by Bizzlesnaff) which represents very nicely the vision I had with the community. A lot of rogue contributing and celebrating the OPness of the class.

What is Silent Shadows?

Silent Shadows is firstly a website dedicated to rogues and the promise of a community of players that share the same passion.
Do you remember of Worldofming? bebep.pureforum? etc.
These platforms are really influential, but with a more modern approach.

The website was released in December 2020 and more than 10.000 players used it so far.

What can you find there?

We're still writing a lot of guides because we wanted to know TBC phases before going too far in our content.

  • PVE and PVP builds, with detailed guides (currently: 2 PVE, 3PVP)
  • Guides
    • Character design (best race, prof, bis gear, etc.)
    • PVP: Stealth guide, Weapon swapping, every opener,
      • coming soon: in-depths strategy (like ArenaJunkies) for every rogue comp written by current gladiators from the TBC scene.
    • PVE: on-writing atm (consumables, rogue tips for each Raid boss, etc.)
  • Macros
  • Media (coming soon) - must watch videos + rogue streamers section

Besides that, we also have a magazine named "Rogue Life" in which we develop every topic that is not worth a guide. For example:

- Link: Healer/Rogue or double DPS: The best combo to start arenas
- Link: Rogue Class changes from Classic to TBC

We also share interviews with iconic rogues from the past. So far I interviewed Neilyo, Pshero, Kalimist, and there are more to come until TBC classic release 💪 (the next one will come soon)

A true community

Silent Shadows discord server aims to become the official headquarters for rogues playing on TBC Classic. At this moment it's around 1.4K players because our server is pretty new, but it grows a lot and has an active community, especially since BlizzConline announce, and I assume it will continue growing since we provide rogue with every input necessary to start on TBC, and for free :).

Community events

  • In October, an event was organized to invite players to share their content so we can make a cool series of tricky moves to perform in PvP: the Rogue'tober tricks challenge.
    We did 10 videos (Link) with these tricks.
  • The next challenge will be planned for March and I give the detail very soon in our Discord server announcement channel.

Moviemaker/Streamers rogue promotion 

We also started during February to promote various TBC rogues in a series named "5 minutes with".
So far it contains three videos with three different players and three different comps. Hopefully, there will be more to come... If you want to be part of it yourself, drop me a message on discord. 👍

Finally you can find a Promo material to use as an intro of your videos (like the warcraftmovies intro), it allows to show the world that you're part of the community and we get your video listed on our channel as well, in a dedicated playlist.

So far our community was joined by most of the emblematic TBC rogue playing on the pserver scene such as Mir Wuehgros, Pretender etc.
But also a lot of Classic streamers: Perplexity, Payo, Lmgd, Thugwaffle, Bobka, Sarthe, Horrorz, and more. And also many iconic players from the past and multi R1 players (Praii, Vespira, etc.)

BlizzConline Trailer reveal

Watch it here: Silent Shadows Trailer



Hopefully you have come to a conclusion that if you looked for a place to call home as a rogue, it surely is Silent Shadows!

See you there!


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