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[US] [H] Fairbanks - [Naxx 6/15] is now recruiting!

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Guild Name <Reprisal>

Raid Times Primary Raid Day: Sunday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Server Time Secondary Raid Day: TBD

About Us Reprisal's core is a guild of friends who have played WoW together since BC/WotLK. Community is #1 for our guild - even though many of us are raid loggers at this point, we're constantly in discord and playing games outside of WoW with each other. We don't require consumables or world buffs, but the majority of our raiders get them anyway. In raid, things can get a bit silly and crazy at times, which can cause... unfortunate accidents. Regardless, everyone puts in their best effort to clear the raid and have a fun time doing it. Finding that balance is difficult, but I think we've done a really good job with it. We are currently 6/15 in Naxx. With retail and holidays, we are just trying to take Naxx nice and slow as a lot of people are trying not to burn out. We all want to see KT die, but we're not pushing for long raid days and we're not pushing heavy consumable usage. If you are looking for a casual raid experience to end out classic, and a home going into BC, we're the guild for you.

Loot Rules Our raid uses a transparent Loot Council. There is a public google sheet that shows all loot awarded through nearly a year of raiding, and you can see what loot everyone has received and when. The main factor for awarding loot is the last time loot was received by the raider. For some of our major items (weapons and trinkets), it is predetermined prior to raid who is receiving the next drop.

Recruiting Reprisal is currently looking to fill out our roster of core raiders so that we can have a bench where we can always have 40 people at raid and be flexible for people who need to miss a day of raid. We are open to pretty much any class/spec other than tanks or some of the incredibly low perfoming specs. We would also consider exceptional applicants of any class - message our officer for more info. New recruits are subject for a trial period of a to be determined length of time. We aren't requiring a level of gear or performance to consider a trial, but we are not actively running any raid content other than Naxx once a week.

Contact Us: Easiest way to contact us is through Discord.

Recruiting Officer - Toolan (Goofy#8201)

Recruiting - Basedmartyr (BasedMartyr#3483)

GM - Suro (Suro#3967)

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