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The fresh reroll experience - Repopulating Flamelash Alliance [EU]

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The story behind

Already at release on August 27th, there was a heavy horde favor on Flamelash when the population settled at a 40:60 A:H ratio. The fighting in Stranglethorn Vale was atrocious for the Alliance as flight masters and quest givers were getting camped by horde players. This later carried on into Stormwind and Ironforge when the Honor System was released. Alliance players could barely log on in their own capital cities without getting killed. As character transfer opened for WoW Classic in November 2019 literally every alliance guild took the opportunity to transfer off the server. What remained was a server with an A:H ratio of 2:98 and one of the most famous happenings of WoW Classic history was a fact.

And now Act II begins.

Our goal: Repopulation of Flamelash Alliance [EU]

Currently, the situation on the Flamelash Alliance side is that there are two guilds, one for raiding and one for PvP. The opportunities for pugging raids are second to none and the auction house is pretty much empty. This means we have to rely on our own, almost like a fresh server, except there are plenty of players on the other faction already. But this time they won't force us away, they will be happy we are around.

The true reroll experience

Probably like most of you viewing this thread, we are seeking for a place to start fresh, progress through the classic experience together. Not going via pugs, boosting, and jumping through the content like any other retail traits. We want the vanilla leveling experience.

We have decided to take the baton and lead this journey with you.

Our principles

The idea is to gather at least 100 players before we start this journey.
The set ‘release date’ for this project is October 24th, at 19:00 hours server time.

No one is supposed to start level before this to get a ‘head start’.
You can pre-create characters to reserve names only.
You are not supposed to get boosted by the few 60s there already is on the server.
We will carry on into raiding and the idea is to clear it all before the rumored TBC release.
This is a casual and friendly project with dedicated and experienced leadership, both from previous similar projects and end-game raiding.

More rules and how to approach this project will follow on our discord, lets create a community there before the release.


So, don’t hesitate and join us today!

Some common questions have started to pop up about the project and server choice. Here is a short Q&A:

Q: Don’t you think horde will do exactly the same as they did a year ago and eject you from the server once again?
A: As we have spoken to several players currently on Flamelash the understanding is that most of the players who caused this have also left the server when alliance left, mostly to Earthshaker. Recently the server managed to complete the AQ War Effort before Blizzards autocomplete and during this time horde and alliance have worked hard together. The server now has normal rivalry between horde and alliance like most other servers do. Wherever there are players there will of course also be dickheads but we don’t believe horde as a collective will shut us down again.

Q: Why pick a completely dead server for this project?
A: We want to build a close-knit community where we depend on and help each other. Leveling up doing dungeons, crafting gear and materials, sharing the loot we find, and not have players buy into boosting services and be given an ‘unfair advantage’. Starting on a dead server is as close to an authentic fresh server release experience you can get nowadays.

Q: Why not pick another server that is more dead than Flamelash, like Judgement or Dragonfang?
A: Investigating the activity on players and the auction house on these servers we can conclude that Flamelash is the one worst off for alliance. There is basically nothing on the AH and only one guild that does raid.

Topic starter Posted : 10/10/2020 4:51 am
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Man this is an awesome idea. I'd join in if I had the time. This is just as I'm starting to raid log hard and get my head back into the real world LoL
Plus I'm not in that EU timezone and don't remember seeing any EU servers on my realm list.

Posted : 12/10/2020 8:42 pm
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We have already 50+ members declared to begin the journey with us, from launch day.
At least one is from the US, so you would not be alone there if eventually decided to try it out.

Topic starter Posted : 13/10/2020 1:17 am
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