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Server transfers producing faction imbalance

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Being on a PVP server fucking sucks when the faction balance is this bad.

I'm not sure on the latest census data, but I'm guessing Yojamba is either relatively balanced or horde skewed in my favour, because I haven't really had any ganking troubles that are noteworthy. Also haven't really witnessed horde ganking alliance either. Maybe Oceanic servers are more chill?

Not that I haven't been killed, or killed others, but ganking (gang killing) is a rarity. Also nearly every skull just cruises by on their mount, I'm not worth honor - this may change in phase 2 though.

Edit: well shit according to the census website it's 2:1 alliance dominated. Well I guess the Oceanic alliance guys are just more chill. I leveled alongside many alliance last night in southern STV. No PvP occurred.

Posted : 15/10/2019 1:23 am
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