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Recruiting everyone on Grobbulus server [Horde]

Tamul Brokenhoof
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Hello again beautiful people, I've been away for a looong period of time from the forum and right now I'm back at it again trying to recruit some people to play with, I'm Officer from a Guild called <Surge> we usually raid on Tuesday and Thursday 6pm ST.
We clear MC and BWL in 1:30hs each. Very chill enviroment, we are just progressing throught Ahn'Qiraj right now, so far 4/9 bosses but we had to go with a pug and not even a full group.
If you're interested on progressing on AQ40 and taking your time to learn and just have a good time, come to Surge, we will be more than happy to help anyone.
I'll let the Discord down below, feel free to contact "Sakhee" anytime.

Topic starter Posted : 27/08/2020 8:44 pm
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