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[EU] [H] Mirage Raceway - The Muffin Vendor- 10/15 Naxx

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Hello there! “The Muffin Vendor” was originally founded by a group of friends who have played Warcraft together after meeting about 7 years ago, and is now an established social raiding guild.

Our guild has a extremely low turn over rate as we are a tightly-knit community of adult and mature players.

Before Naxx we had all content on farm and are currently 10/15 in Naxx!

while clearing content is Important to us, Having fun is paramount! And the officers with the community work hard together to ensure this continues 😀

What we are looking for?
At the moment we are looking for more healers to join our our Core Naxx team. You will ideally be in mostly BWL Gear or better.

Rules & requirements:

  • A patient, positive attitude
  • Consumables. While we’re less demanding towards flasks, other consumables like Protection Pots, Elixir’s, Health/ Mana pots, Runes, ect Are apart of being able to clear Naxx as such you will need to ensure you have them for every raid.
  • English language
  • Looting rules: DKP blind bid / LC for legendaries.

Raiding schedule:
Thursday/Friday/Sunday 20:00 -23:30 CET.

How to contact us:
Message any Muffin (/who the muffin Vendor) and ask them to contact an officer for you or Alternatively you can come to our discord (5MJSmtQ) for a chat 😊

Much ❤️ 

The Muffin Vendor’s

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How do you make your Gnome Muffin's?

Topic starter Posted : 12/12/2020 10:49 am
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Bump - still looking for healers.

Posted : 19/12/2020 5:49 pm
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