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[EU] [FIREMAW] {Bateekh o Arnab} Fresh Guild = Community/Semi hardcore raiding team

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Welcome to Bateekh o Arnab (BoA)!

We are a start up guild, our aim to start a strong foundation regarding the expansion and complete all the raids also attend PVP events depending on what comes infront of us. However in the meantime we are starting the guild which require some patience until we have enough people to run the show.

 If you are veteran, new to the game, or seeking casual fun. This is a new home for you 😊

We need all at the moment.

Raid schedule/information will be announcement soon in our discord as soon as I complete the recruitments.

However to give a small brief, Our aim is to have two raiding groups depending on the length of applications.

  • Semi-hard core raiding team = 3 Raiding nights a week
  • Casual Raiding team = 2 Raiding nights a week depending on sign ups

If you have any extra information never hesitate to contact us on our discord channel:



Looking forward to hear from!

Topic starter Posted : 13/06/2021 11:00 pm
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