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[A][SOM][Dreadnaught] Raiding/PvP guild

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DTM - Don't Talk Me - Raiding and PvP guild

Hey and welcome to aka Don't Talk Me We are a bunch of gamers coming together for the season of Mastery on Dreadnaught PVP server alliance. Our leaders have been raiding all classic content aswell done successful speedruns from Molten Core to Naxx. We're planning on semi hardcore but efficient raids. We will also focus on PvP, both world and bgs. We got players who ranked up to r14 in classic wow and are gonna do it again this time around. There will be a lot of premade bg action, but also world PvP.

Raid Times:

Thursday: 19-23

Sunday: 19-23

Raid days might change if other days suit the raids better.


We will be using a transparent Loot Council (that rewards attendance, performance and guild contribution)


Looking for dedicated raiders with an average knowledge about the class they play and the raid encounters. A good attitude both in raiding and the social aspect of the game. Currently recruiting exceptional players of all classes to clear raid content and to PvP.

Horde? Don't talk me "

Alliance? Contact Shredyo#9175 in discord or Shredded#2760 in bnet for more info or if interested in joining the team!! 

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