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[A] [PVE/PVP] [Dreadnaught] [SoM] recruiting for Semi-hardcore raiding and PvP!

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<d t m>- Dont Talk Me - Semi-hardcore Raiding & PVP Guild - Dreadnaught (A)

Hello and welcome to <d t m> aka Don't Talk Me!

We're a group of experienced WoW Veterans who have come together for the SoM! We classify ourselves as semi-hardcore and intend to speedrun content. We are one of the fastest growing communities since SoM launch and currently have 100+ online players most of the day. We start raiding this week and are looking mainly for players who are ready to raid as soon as possible. We also welcome Socials and PvPer's who want to be a part of this friendly and active community and people who are interested in raiding when they get to 60.

We're recruiting all exceptional players of all classes to clear content and PvP. We will be running two equally skilled raid teams to start SoM, but are looking to make more teams down the line. We are specifically looking to recruit people for our raid teams who:
- At least 90% attendance
- Postive attitude towards raiding and the guild.
- Always bringing all necessary consumables
- Benefit the raid with professions specifically engineering from phase 3
- Put in an early effort to get epic mount

Furthermore we are also welcoming socials and PvPers for ranking and world PvP. We're aiming to take down a few world bosses and will do many guild events together in the guilds. We are a very open-minded guild that has a vision to evolve in this SoM and make good connections and friendship. We are always active on discord and welcoming new players!

Raid 1
Raid hours
Thursday: 19.00 - 23.00 ST
Tuesday: 19.00 - 23.00 ST

Raid 2
Raid hours
Monday: 19.00 - 23.00 ST
Wednesday: 19.00 - 23.00 ST

The raid hours may be subject to change.

Loot system
Both raid teams will be using a transparent loot council. Loot will be rewarding loot based on factors like attendance, performance and guild contribution.

To join our guild contact discord: Shredyo#9175 bnet: Shredded#2760. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to any of our officers. Happy grind!
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are currently recruiting resto Shamans for 25 man raid. Our core group of players are all experienced fully cleared BC raiders.

10/10 on 2 Kara splits with 11/11 on the other, pushing for 11/11 on 3 splits.
3/3 for 25m raids. Thank you.

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