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[EU] [A] [Gandling] 🦌🦌 Fresh Guild for TBC

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🦌<Oh Deer>🦌

Is a guild formed from the ashes and experience of the past.
Building a new home for the players, where everyone can be.

If you are new, a veteran, or a long-lost wandering player seeking for old time’s sake.
We welcome everyone that wants to be part of this adventure.

We strive to be a place for all.

Guild Features:

  • We like PVP
  • We value Real life & game time
  • 1/2 Raid days

What we look for:
-People that don’t want to raid 2/3 days a week or, we will occasionally raid 2 days and we will raid 2 days at the release of a raid.
-People who value time, in-game and outside of the game.
-Team players and no egocentric persons.

We are still forming the guild, but the discord is 90% ready for use and information.
We are starting from scratch, so be the first adventurer to arrive.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!
Discord server code: aVyqJV4G39

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