So.. how bad is ran...
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So.. how bad is ranking going to be on your server?

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So I was thinking I might go for rank 10, since I have to grind pvp faction reputation anyways for some gear.

Turns out that will be a nightmare for me. I am willing to spend a couple of hours per day, but right now bracket 10 looks to be 175k honor PER DAY!
To put that into perspective, I'm already honored with the frostwolves, but currently sitting at 30k honor per day (bracket 2 :O)

I know this is the first week that BGs are out & everybody and their mom is farming for av rep, but daaamn 🙁

How is it looking for you guys?

Topic starter Posted : 12/12/2019 1:38 pm
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It's gonna be a slog man. I'm not really into PVP, but I know lots of people who are grinding out AV rep right now. So you might wanna check the brackets again in a few weeks once people get their AV rep and slow down.

Posted : 12/12/2019 11:47 pm
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The brackets are very inflated due to AV grinding. Once people get rep its going to calm down and it'll just be rankers left.

Posted : 14/12/2019 11:25 am
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I honestly don't have any words.. these people don't sleep Grin

Topic starter Posted : 15/12/2019 3:15 am
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Yea I'm starting to realize its gonna be a slog. I don't have the time to no life AV queues for all hours of the day. I'd be lucky to have 2 hours a night. But I need rank 10 if I want that 4 piece pvp set bonus for druids, which I absolutely want, since it gives that beastlike +15% movement speed in bear/cat/travel form. So we'll see how long and difficult it will be...

Posted : 15/12/2019 4:49 am
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You can get the 4 part set bonus with rank 8. Might not be optimal though.

On AV and honor inflation: the hardcore crowd dinged 999/1000 exalted friday night or even earlier, the semi-hardcore ones will probably finish it the next weekend.

So for the next two weeks there will be alot of AV going on and that will have some impact on the ranking game 😉

Posted : 15/12/2019 5:41 am
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Yes, wait till the AV rep grind is complete.
I did the grind on my Warrior alt for the ring and accumulated around 250k honor in the process, boosting me into bracket 9 (honorspy bracket 9).

I won't be doing any PvP on it anymore since I'm exalted now and got what I wanted.

Posted : 16/12/2019 3:43 am
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