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How has AV been since the changes?

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I know that Blizzard made some changes to the way AV works a few weeks ago, can anyone tell me how this has affected the battleground?

I imagine it takes much longer to get rep now as well?

Topic starter Posted : 21/07/2020 10:48 am
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Took me like a few days to get exalted, not that long at all. Games seem fairly balanced, people actually taking towers and playing it properly. Often games end when someone summons one of the big elemental lords and push to base.

It's pretty much how I remember it being post-nerf.

Posted : 21/07/2020 3:13 pm
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It should be post in beside BG Arena mark in Stormwind tell you need for what the updates are. As for the AV it’s on land see suppose know who’s gonna win. 

Posted : 29/01/2022 9:03 am
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