First pvp kill?
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First pvp kill?

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Since classic launch? Lets hear about it!

Mine was against a 29 gnome warlock just west outside astranaar in ashenvale. Dude was 6 lvls above me and didnt have a pet out. He dotted me as i dotted him. He casted fear and i responded with wotf, fear, shadowbolts + sacrifice.

Sure do wish i had my felhunter!

Topic starter Posted : 29/08/2019 6:45 pm
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First time into ashenvale as a 23 lvl NE hunter, started the 2 quests near the border of darkshore 10 mins into grinding Im really low from chain pulling the whole time as Im finishing a mob up, behind the pillar I saw 2 red names. UD mage and a warr lvl 23, they didnt spot me and walked out of sight, I started to get my hp and mana up and contemplated would I try em. Realized its the first time I see Red, got my track humanoids on and cheetah. Started running their way watching minimap and forward almost simultaenously. Heart rate starts to go up abit. As i am behind a tree I see them, they have changed direction and coming my way. My best bet would be to start on the mage through the tree and trap the war but they are just a few feet to far away. I have to blow my cover. I step out from behind the big tree, lay a trap just infront of me for the warr and place hunters mark on the mage, I get autoshot and serpent sting off and before they even hit the mage, warr has charged me and fallen for my trap literally. Mage blinks on me and frost novas, I manage to wing clip+ auto melee him before he leaves melee range. He shatter combos me to around 40-30% combined with the auto attack warr got off before trap activated. With Wing clip I manage to woddle out of melee range to pop off a autoshot +arcane on the mage he is at around 10-20% (Granted i had raptors end which a friendly priest boosted me so my damage from range is HUGE compared to my level). He shoots me with another frostbolt I pop a HP pot to be safe. Pet gets out of nova now, warr leaves trap I realize he needs to be kept in combat so I just put a Serpent sting on him. Finish the mage up with my auto shot and pet. Pop on aspect of cheetah, concu shot warr take my pet from him cos he starts to attack it and just kite him up till he Grey. Blood pumpin and victorious from the first vanilla pvp combat since emerald dream server which I palayed for 3months (4 years ago?) I leave to do quests and watch my track humanoids closely for the next 10 minutes if they try to come around again 😅 Lets just say, enjoyed the hell out of it. Later on did another 2v1 against warr priest in SS, hunter op in the open world.

Posted : 29/08/2019 7:14 pm
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