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AV strategy - graveyard distance

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So here's one of my theories about AV, let me know if you guys agree or disagree Mr. Green Even if you don't read any of it maybe post what you think graveyard distance means in terms of strategy in AV, I wouldn't mind reading about it Mr. Green

So basically the summary of it is: in a battle of alliance SFGY vs horde IBGY, alliance has a 1:2 disadvantage because upon resurrecting (on a 30 second res timer), horde instantly return to the fight whereas alliance have to travel for ~30 seconds to get back. So effectively by the time an alliance player dies and returns to the fight, a horde player could have died twice and returned to the fight, so it's like they have 2x the manpower

random pic I found online, Snowfall GY is the grey tombstone in the center, and Iceblood GY is "Point 1" southeast

Another example is horde all the way from IBGY are trying to take alliance SPGY (for some reason, assuming they've skipped snowfall and stonehearth)

In this case, if it takes ~90 seconds to run from IBGY to SPGY, then horde will be at a 1:3 disadvantage

Let me what you guys think and if you agree or not Mr. Green

Topic starter Posted : 15/01/2020 3:02 pm
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