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So, a scallywag like you wants to join the Bloodsail Buccaneers? Take care, laddie, this is no ordinary reputation grind. The Bloodsails have a blood feud against the Steamwheedle Cartel - patrons of the major neutral cities around the world. If you wish to sail with us, ye'll have to cut ties with them. Being willing to take that plunge separates the Bloodsails from the bilge rats.


Grinding Reputation
Restoring Goblin Reputation
Piratey Garb

What's in it fer me?

O’ course - a pirate's always in it fer the treasure.
There are no rewards for revered or exalted reputation with the Bloodsail - in fact, reaching exalted is impossible, as nothing gives you reputation that far.
At neutral reputation you can receive the . Opening it nets ye the , , , and .
At friendly reputation, ye can receive the final reward: the . After a thirty-second cooldown after putting it on, ye can use it to summon the non-combat pet.

Reputation Losses
There's always a catch. What do I lose?

Ye sacrifice a lot to become a Bloodsail, as the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel hold a lot of sway. Most of what Booty Bay, Ratchet, Gadgetzan, and Outlook have to offer will be lost to you.

  • You will be attacked when approaching Booty Bay, Ratchet, Gadgetzan, Outlook, and other Steamwheedle-affiliated areas. Nearly all associated quests with those cities are locked off and cannot be completed.

  • Gadgetzan and Booty Bay flightmasters are guarded by affiliated Bruisers. Ye will be attacked while flying in or out. Everlook is still usable, as it is not guarded by Bruisers.

  • If ye are an engineer, using the or is often a death sentence.

  • It is possible to use the boat from Ratchet to Booty Bay, but it is difficult.

  • All neutral auction houses and banks are goblin operated. They will not be accessible.

  • The Ratchet, Un’Goro Crater, and Mudsprocket flight paths are partially unusable. Those flightmasters are with the cartel and cannot be spoken to, so ye cannot fly out of those areas. However, ye can still fly through or into the area.

  • Ye cannot specialize in Blacksmithing as the quest chains to do so require ye to speak to a member of the cartel.

  • Ye cannot acquire .

  • Ye cannot speak to vendors that sell items such as , , , , and many more.

  • Ye cannot get the for Scholomance as it requires the Gadgetzan blacksmith.

  • Members o' the Horde cannot become Gnomish or Goblin engineers, as both choices require a member of the cartel.

  • Members o' the Alliance can choose Gnomish, but cannot become Goblin engineers.

  • Ye cannot become an Artisan level cook as it involves the butcher in Gadgetzan.

  • Ye cannot complete the Scepter of the Shifting Sands questline to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj because it involves the same butcher in Gadgetzan.

  • The Dungeon Set 2 quest line requires speaking with members of the cartel.

  • Bruisers don’t drop any money or loot, so you’re going to end up at a net monetary loss for doing this grind. This will cost ye in repair bills and if you’re so inclined, the hefty requirements to repairing your reputation with the Steamwheedle Cartel. Ye must also consider the opportunity cost of spending all this time on this grind over doing something more lucrative.

  • Other unforeseen consequences.
  • A few of these mercantile restrictions can be sidestepped by having a friend use these on your behalf or using an alternate character.

    Not all goblins are associated with the Steamwheedle Cartel. of the Gurubashi Arena will still grant to Bloodsails. will reward Bloodsail winners of the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza, though reaching him unharmed in Booty Bay will be difficult.

    How to gain Bloodsail Reputation
    I know the risks. I'm in. Tell me how to join the crew.

    Aye, matey. Welcome aboard. Open yer character sheet, switch to the reputation panel, select Booty Bay, then tick the “At War” checkbox.

    Be careful out there. This will get dangerous.

    By far the fastest way to increase reputation is by killing . They are level 57 and have two abilities to worry about.

    While in melee range, a Bruiser will often throw a net at you, preventing you from moving.

    The most dangerous ability in the Bruiser’s arsenal is their gun which has a massive pushback. You will be thrown backwards if hit. This is often a death sentence if you find yourself pinned against a wall or flying into other Bruisers. They tend to only pull out their gun at longer range or if they otherwise can’t reach you, so be very careful if you root a Bruiser or attempt to keep your distance. If possible, keep yourself between the Bruiser and the waters of the bay, so if you get shot, you’ll be propelled to the water where you can make a retreat.

    The area pictured below is a relatively safe spot to grind the Bruisers. It’s immediately to your left after entering Booty Bay from the cove entrance.

    Stay at the grassy path and kill the Bruisers that are standing close by. This is a safe spot. While waiting for the patrols to respawn, you can run into the nearby shop (the Plate-n-Chain) to spawn more bruisers. If you’re not at unfriendly reputation with Booty Bay yet, you’ll have to attack the vendors within to get them to call for help.

    Here are some further tips:

  • Always be wary of your surroundings, especially as ye first start the grind. An extra bruiser coming in with a net or gun at the wrong time can easily spell death.

  • Be wary of opposing faction players as well. Some may jump at the opportunity to start some trouble since you’re actively taking down the peacekeepers of the town.

  • If you’re roaming around, don’t target vendors and quest givers. Not only do they give low amounts of reputation, but you’ll bother other adventurers. You’re making enough enemies already - don’t make more than you have to.

  • Bring friends to help with the grind if you’d like, but be sure they’re aware of the downsides before helping you. A buff or heal while out of combat is fine, but doing so while in combat will incur the same reputation penalties as if they killed the Bruisers too.

  • If you find yourself in trouble, jump over the railings and flee into the water. The Bruisers will often pull out their guns and push you even further away to safety.
  • And that’s about it. These Booty Bay Bruisers will be your targets throughout the entirety of your grind until the final quest at the end.

    The above method is safer for a solo grind. If ye are in a group, ye might find that this can be slow going, as there is a timed spawn limit for guards. If ye want to spawn bruisers more often, move to the lower docks by the water. Wander around slowly in a tight group; ye don't want to get overwhelmed. When a goblin-affiliated NPC sees an enemy player, they will spawn a bruiser per player. After 30 seconds, they will call for another against that player if they're still in range. After 2 spawns, a roughly 8 minute cooldown will start before that NPC will call for bruisers against that player again.

    What about Faldir’s Cove?

    If you’re between levels 35 and 46, ye are free to travel to Faldir’s Cove hidden in the southwestern part of Arathi Highlands and kill the Blackwater Raiders there. They are associated with Booty Bay and will grant ye reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers even at yer lower level. However, it will be slow going as they give less reputation than Booty Bay Bruisers and take a while to respawn. In addition, you’ll have to deal with the Steamwheedle Cartel’s hatred as ye level. Rough waters ahead for those who try.

    If you’re level 47 or above, the reputation gained from killing them drops so significantly to be nigh worthless.

    A warning to those who do this: requires level 47, and requires level 55. Ye can't enjoy the rewards of the grind until ye reach those levels.

    Bloodsail Reputation................Reputation to Grind....................# of Bruisers to kill....................# of Bruisers to kill
    .................................................................................................(Non-human players).....................(Human players)
    Hated to Hostile...............................~36,000...................................~1440............................................~1310
    Hostile to Unfriendly............................3,000.......................................120................................................110
    Unfriendly to Neutral...........................3,000.......................................120................................................110
    Neutral to Friendly..............................3,000.......................................120................................................110

    When your character is first created, your starting reputation with the Bloodsail Buccaneers is at 35,500 in Hated. If you do any quests for Booty Bay or kill any Bloodsail Buccaneers during your levelling experience, your starting reputation will rapidly dwindle and yer grind will get much, much worse.

    Ideally, yer Bloodsail grind begins as you level by simply not doing any quests related specifically to Booty Bay-related goblins - be careful when questing in Stranglethorn Vale. Questing for other Steamwheedle goblins is mostly safe, but be careful. When in doubt, check a questing database for any reputation losses on quest turn-in. Be wary in the Barrens, Dustwallow Marsh, Stranglethorn Vale, Thousand Needles, Tanaris, Un’goro Crater, Winterspring, and other areas where the Steamwheedle Cartel is around. This sounds like a pain, but this can cut your grind by nearly 75%!

    The Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation maxes out at Friendly reputation by normal means. It is possible to push past that normal limit and reach Honored with Bloodsail Buccaneers by holding off on completing until you're at maximum Friendly reputation then completing the quest, but there be no benefit fer doing so.


    Ye will be hated by all members of the Steamwheedle Cartel long before you finish the Bloodsail Buccaneer grind, as the reputation lost with the goblins far exceeds the reputation gained with the Bloodsail per kill.

    Note: Be sure to untick the “At War” checkbox for the Bloodsail Buccaneers. Ye wouldn’t want t’ stab yer new allies in the back after all that work, would ye?

    At neutral reputation, ye can get the quest from . It merely requires you to speak with him, which rewards you with the . Opening it nets ye the , , , and . This will net ye a small amount o' 25 reputation with the Bloodsail. Keep at it matey - you're nearly there.

    Ye must meet both requirements to continue:

  • Friendly with Bloodsail Buccaneers

  • Hated with Booty Bay
  • calls out to you in and tells you to report to . Upon doing so, Firallon charges you with killing and in

    These scurvy dogs are at the top o’ the Salty Sailor Tavern, one of the most well-defended areas of Booty Bay. Take care when makin’ yer approach; any Bruiser with a gun will ruin yer chances.

    Members o’ the Horde will have an easier time here: they can fly in by the flightmaster, dispatch the nearby Bruisers, and be right next to their targets.

    Members o’ the Alliance will have a harder time. Flying in via the flight path will get ye close, but not close enough. You’ll still have to get through the inn.

    Bring friends if possible. This is the last leg o’ your journey and ye don’t want to mess it up. Thankfully these two aren’t elite, but they can spawn Bruisers to defend themselves. Take Seahorn and Revilgaz down and ye will be rewarded with honorary Admiralty.

    Avast ye, Admiral! Hip hip, arrrrr!

    Restoring Steamwheedle Reputation
    I want the Steamwheedle to like me again.

    So, ye are crawlin’ back to th’ goblins, are ye? Well, I can’t blame ye. They’re a powerful bunch and their greedy arms reach far and wide in Azeroth. Most can’t get far without their services.Ye have two major paths to take. Make yer choice:

    I choose the harder path. Both the Bloodsails and the Steamwheedles will admire me.
    Ye do one hard grind and pick up another? Kudos. Below are the methods to raise Steamwheedle reputation without sacrificing the Bloodsails.

    No one cares for the Southsea, Wastewander, and Venture Co (Recommended)
    Can’t argue with the basics of wanton murder. Kill th' Steamwheedle Cartel’s enemies: Southsea pirates south of Ratchet, Wastewander Bandits East/Southeast of Gadgetzan, and Venture Co. goblins throughout Stranglethorn Vale all provide small amounts of reputation (~5 each). The Southsea pirates in th' Barrens are low level, out of the way, and respawn quickly, making them th' fastest. Even at maximum reputation with Ratchet, ye can continue killin' 'em to for spillover reputation with th' others. If killing Wastewander Bandits, you can hold onto the to turn in for additional reputation gain once you’re neutral with Gadgetzan.

    Saving Knot Thimblejack in Dire Maul North

    Some classes can do this solo; other classes will probably need a group. Enter Dire Maul North and kill ogres until ye get a . Make yer way to . Use the key to for 350 reputation with the Steamwheedle Cartel. If you wish, ye can also bring along 4 , 8 , and 2 to turn in the for an additional 75 reputation, but you’ll also have to grab an along the way.

    Helping Zorbin Fandazzle in Feralas

    Speak to . He’s working on a goblin version of the Gnomish Shrink Ray, and you can help him out with and . It’s slow going, but it’s a safe method nonetheless.

    I’ll take the easy way. See you later Bloodsails, I’m out.

    Mutiny, is it? So be it. The most efficient way to betray the Bloodsails isn’t through wanton bloodshed, but in trade goods. There are quests that ye can turn in to restore yer reputation, but the Bloodsails won't like it.

    RATCHET - Go to for . This requires 40 and 4

    Reputation gain: Ratchet: +500; Booty Bay: +250; Gadgetzan: +250; Everlook: +250; Bloodsail: -500

    BOOTY BAY - Go to for . This requires 40 and 4

    Reputation gain: Ratchet: +250; Booty Bay: +500; Gadgetzan: +250; Everlook: +250; Bloodsail: -500

    GADGETZAN - Go to for . This requires 40 and 4

    Reputation gain: Ratchet: +250; Booty Bay: +250; Gadgetzan: +500; Everlook: +250; Bloodsail: -500

    EVERLOOK - Go to for . This requires 40 and 4

    Reputation gain: Ratchet: +250; Booty Bay: +250; Gadgetzan: +250; Everlook: +500; Bloodsail: -500

    Ye can only turn in these quests if ye are at unfriendly reputation or below with the associated town, so due to the reputation spillover, it’s possible to minimize the cost of materials (though server economies may vary). See below:

    RATCHET - 168 stacks of , 336
    BOOTY BAY - 84 stacks of , 168
    GADGETZAN - 42 stacks of , 84
    EVERLOOK - 22 stacks of , 44

    With this, ye should be able to plan ahead and restore your reputation relatively quickly. By the end, ye will be honored with Ratchet, friendly with Booty Bay, and neutral with Gadgetzan and Everlook due to reputation spillover. The turn-ins must be done in order of Ratchet first, then Booty Bay, and so on. Keep in mind that this is just the order for the cheapest material cost: ye can do the turn-ins in a different order if you’d like a different reputation outcome. If ye do the turn-ins in a different order, ye will need a different amount of materials. For example, if ye want to end up honored with Gadgetzan, ye will need 168 stacks of Mageweave and 336 Strong Flux and turn those in first.

    Piratey Garb
    Do what ye want, because a pirate is free

    There’s two major reasons someone would join the Bloodsails. One is if you’re a completionist… the other is if you’re fashionable. Why stop at just the Bloodsail set? There’s plenty of choices to go for if ye want to complete that piratey look. Yer friends can tag along in yer buccaneering ways without doing the grind either.


  • - A hat that’s so fancy it can buff your party! sells the tailoring pattern.

  • - This is an extremely rare drop off Bloodsails. What are ye, a traitor? But it need not come t’ that if ye can buy it off some other scallywag.

  • - An eyepatch, o’ course! Ye can snatch this thing off o’ in the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths.

  • - A shame we can’t wear an eyepatch at the same time as the hat… Oh well. Purloin this off
  • in Upper Blackrock Spire.

  • - Fer the more hardworkin' everyman pirate. Any tailoring trainer can teach ye the pattern.
  • Shirt/Chest:

  • - The tailoring pattern for this sleek fashion statement be sold by the Pirate Supplier in Booty Bay.

  • - Now this is more like it! All tailoring trainers can teach ye the pattern.

  • - Just like the red one, any tailoring trainer knows this pattern and can teach it to ye.

  • - Why not have the shirt of an actual captain? To those who prefer the simpler look, one can acquire this from the quest chain that starts from finding . It be a random drop from murlocs off the coast of Westfall.

  • - For those with more grim tastes, putting an end to in Scholomance may give ye a rare chance at this one.

  • - A green drop from levels 12-23. Yer search would be most fruitful at th’ Auction House.
  • Belt:

  • - Mixes form with function and allows ye t’ swim faster! What’s not to love? All tailoring trainers can teach ye the pattern.

  • - A classic, comfy look. Taken from Captain Sanders' stash; find from the murlocs in Westfall.
  • Legs:

  • - It be all in th’ name. A low level green drop from th’ level 12-23 range. Look for it on th’ Auction House.

  • - If ye can’t find the Buccaneer’s Pants, ye can always have th’ tailor-made Crimson Silk Pantaloons instead. All tailoring trainers know this one.

  • - If red not be yer color, ye can have the gold-infused Brightcloth. Its tailoring pattern is a rare drop off o’ end game enemies.
  • Boots:

  • and - As piratey a look as ye can get, but these are rare. Buccaneer’s Boots are a drop from levels 12-23 and Mistwalker Boots are a rare drop from trash mobs in Sunken Temple. Ye’d best be lookin’ on the Auction House.

  • - If ye want to walk on the fancier side, many cloth and light armor merchants in main faction cities will sell this t’ ye.

  • - An alternate color o’ the Embroidered Boots, but it requires completing for in Tanaris.
  • Weapons:
    O’ course, yer selection will be limited t’ what yer class can wield.

  • - A famous one, especially among the tropics. Most weapon shops will sell this t’ ye.

  • - A fan favorite!’s chosen weapon, yours t’ keep if ye can do what pirates do best. Tell the Defias Kingpin I said hello.

  • - For th’ more refined taste, ye can’t get fancier than this. A blacksmith can make this, but they’ll need the plans first. It drops from mobs from levels 39 to 57.

  • - For a weapon with a bit more electrical bite, ye can get this off o’ in Gnomeregan.

  • - Need a drink? Take down in the Grim Guzzler in Blackrock Depths.

  • - How about another? If ye want an off-hand drink (or two drinks if ye got Hurley’s), pay a visit to in Dire Maul North.

  • and - Not in th’ mood for drink? Ye can lug around some mutton instead! Live it up! Ye can get these by turning in 10 or 50 respectively.

  • Holdable fish - If a more fishy diet is more to your taste, there’s quite a few o’ these.

  • - Many pirates swear by their gun. While we don’t have any pistols, a blunderbuss will have to do. Any gun merchant in a major city will sell one to ye.
  • Trinkets:

  • - Man the cannons! in Stratholme can get ye yer big guns.
  • Parrots:

  • - Sold by th’ pirate supplier in Booty Bay.

  • - Also sold by th’ pirate supplier in Booty Bay.

  • - This be an uncommon drop from the by the ship in the Deadmines.

  • - This beauty is unfortunately an extremely rare drop off Bloodsails. Good luck if ye want t’ farm it yerself, or expect to pay a tidy sum o’ gold.
  • Other methods:

  • - Ye can get this as a random reward during Hallow’s End by speaking to innkeepers. Use it on party members to turn them into a pirate. Arrr!

  • And ye can’t forget the ol’ favorite, .
  • And these aren’t the end of it! There are plenty o’ styles a pirate can have! A cagey corsair in cloth? A leery looter in leather? A menacing mercenary in mail? A plundering privateer in plate? Ye can have it all!

    And remember - September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day. Celebrate to ye heart’s delight. Yarr!

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    I like this guide so much I'm gonna go for it at some point.

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    Great guide!

    Can I nitpick one tiny thing? You can actually reach exalted by killing over and over and over and over again.

    Posted : 30/08/2019 8:17 am
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    You just inspired me to level an alt on my server, Deviate Delight, for the SOLE purpose of becoming a Bloodsail Buccaneer and slaying any horde who come attempt to kill my pirate shipmates! YA HA HAARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!

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    Best of Barrens Chat™ award nominee IMO

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    This is why I love these forums. Good job.

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    Such a tragedy that Blizzard never fleshed out the Buccaneers to make up for what you lose from being hostile with the Steamwheedle Cartel. Like, especially T.05 and the key to Scholo. That was a huge oversight.

    But you could easily have set up a corresponding Bloodsail port/flightpoint in zones where the Cartel is, maybe with some variation. But certainly a small hub in the southern Barrens, and on the eastern coast of Tanaris. I dunno. I just feel like they missed out on something that could have been super interesting.

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    It should've been a split path from the start to where you take up the life of a pirate for the blood sails or mercenary for the cartel since you generally meet both for the first time in STV.

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    It should've been a split path from the start to where you take up the life of a pirate for the blood sails or mercenary for the cartel since you generally meet both for the first time in STV.

    Nah, giving us the option to go full "Insane in the Membrane" is the better route Smile

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    Great guide!

    Can I nitpick one tiny thing? You can actually reach exalted by killing over and over and over and over again.
    Hm, I thought for sure that was a Burning Crusade and beyond thing. That's something I'll have to test. I do believe you, but I don't have any sources from the vanilla era to confirm it.

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    Just finished reading through this,
    nice job Min!

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    Just killed a bunch of these guys, so I guess the pirate life isn't in my future.

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