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Serious Disscussion on Paladin Tanking.

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It's been long time since people refused to accept or agree with what Protection Paladins are capable of.

It's been long arguing and discussion which plant nothing, but more toxic attitude against Protection Paladins.

Finally a friend of mine, who had time to do it and was communicating with me lot about it, cooperating with me, he finally did it.

I am aware at one point he died due to a (Mistake which is normal for someone to do), but this Video is pure example and pure evidence that Protection Paladins can literally Main Tank and successfuly Tank everything in World of Warcraft Vanilla/Classic.

Thanks and big Honor to Tareyak , what i failed to achieve due to my lack of time and IRL issues , he did it and i bow to this person for achieving my Goals <3 .

Posted : 16/12/2020 11:31 pm
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