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Mage PvP - Specific Questions

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Hi all Mr. Green ,

I am a frost mage on the Smolderweb server, and while I am well versed in PvP, this will be my first time seriously PvPing in vanilla.

I have a few specific questions which I was hoping one of you vanilla-veterans would be able to answer.

Firstly, I watched a short video that basically cited that the stat priority for a frost mage in PvP would go something like this: Spell-Power>Stamina>Int>Spirit. With this in mind would the Green Lense from engineering w. the frost bonus technically be preraid-BiS? I know that +Frost Damage isn't as strong as normal spell power because it doesn't help with fire blast etc. but I am deep frost spec so I'm assuming this wouldn't be a big deal.

Lastly, which spec of engineering is best? I've read in some places it's Goblin, but I sort of want to go Gnomish just for all the cool gadgets. Am I obligated to go Goblin to be effective in PvP or is it not all that important?

Thank you for any reponses!

Topic starter Posted : 13/10/2019 11:02 pm
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