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My Semi-AFK Gold Making Method

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Farming Essence of Water off Toxic Horrors in Felwood
Farming Essence of Air off Dust Stormers in Silithus

The Great thing about this is you get your character to auto-attack these elementals, alt-tab, watch Anime (Such as Domestic Girlfriend, Keijo, and Eromanga Sensei), and in about 10 seconds, come back to the game, loot, repeat.

I used this method to get my Epic mount on my Night Elf Hunter, while simultaneously satisfying my Anime desires.

Essence of Water sells for 7-9g on the AH, with a 7% drop rate.
Essence of Air sells for 18-20g on the AH with a 4% drop rate.

Wanted to let people know that there's a way to farm gold and watch anime at the same time.

Topic starter Posted : 07/09/2020 2:35 pm
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