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Ever crash a market on purpose ?  

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Thinking about doing it with savory deviate delight on my alliance server. Had to relist them 5 times in one day, then left them for a whole 24 hours and they still didn’t sell due to undercutters, so I think ima keep fishing them and slowly lower the price to around 25 silver each, they are currently going for 39 silver each. I’ll do this by posting 20 stacks of 1 at a time.

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Just be aware that orher sharks (loving the fishy terminology in this thread so far) may buy up your carefully orchestrated crash and relist again at a higher price. Otherwise would be interested to hear how it goes for you.

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I single handily crashed the Blasted Lands animal parts econ on AH. Pincers are insanely expansive 😛

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