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Anyone have a leveling guide with a nice setup of what to spend money on, professions, class quests etc. etc.?

Thanks for metioning me Selexin, I might have missed this otherwise!

Tec Regarding your question, as Selexin said, almost all stats are useful early on. The only thing I'd worry about getting early is the level 6 staff for 5 silver (and 5 copper? not 100% sure) in bloodhoof.

Class quests, I'd say bear form is a no brainer. At 16 you can go back to Thunderbluff to hand in the quests you get from Crossroads (bundle of hides from the flightmaster, and fungle spores from the undead guy) and accept the aqua form and dispell poison quest. I'd only go to moonglade to start the first chain of aqua form if your heartstone is off cooldown to get a quick way back to the crossroads.

Profession wise, it's all personal preference to be honest. During your leveling phase I'd suggest taking skinning, for the extra silver which makes buying consumables and spells easier (talking about spells, during leveling you only have to buy feral spells and regrowth). But everything can be usefull on druids except for blacksmithing.

A guildmate of mine wrote a very nice and detailed guide about druids, at the moment it's focussed on resto, but the rest is in the works:

For a detailed druid leveling route you can check my YouTube. If you have more questions just @me and I'll do my best to answer Smile

Posted : 12/07/2019 11:05 pm
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Yar that link is HUGE!
Thank you so much.

I have a lot of reading to do now Mr. Green

Posted : 13/07/2019 3:23 am
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