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There have been some tests by speedrunners iirc that going into balance first to get 10% physical then respec at like 21 is the fastest way. But this costs alot of gold. Id suggest going into 2/2 Feline Swiftness first for the movespeed then rest is kind of however one wants.

It's personal preference, unless you have a batshit crazy spec, in the end at 60 it will at most set you back or ahead 1-5hrs which is nothing if you compare to how much you are actually gonna play on that character. If you are going to tank while leveling, furor is not priority imo because you will be sitting in bear form. Id rather faster take those 5 pts into something more usefull in Feral tree.

Never go 10/10 first row of Feral, you don't get Ferocious bite until lvl 30-40 ish so you are wasting 5 talents the first 40 levels.

Can't say that Feral Aggression is useless. You can use it when you tank. I think going balance till 21 and then switch to feral (Respec) might be good

Posted : 27/07/2019 11:37 am
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Hello from me,

New guy in this site! First of all, this talent calculator does not work in chrome atm. So you need to copy the link to another browser.

So I think it would be great to spec balance till 21 first. I disagree with impr wrath though since it will burn our mana and we need it for shapeshifting. So I suggest NG and impr NG since it is common to die on bad pulls in these levels and NG is useful.

At 21 we go for 2/2 feline swiftness of course. I would not pick thick hide at all now. The gain for 3/5 feral instinct for tanking + BI(brutal impact) for pvp server or even 5/5 feral aggression for less damage taken and be ready for FB is better.

I agree to get furror when you start getting into stranglethorn in a pvp server and you will need it for charge.

Posted : 27/07/2019 12:04 pm
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Feline Swiftness is nice, it gives a good speed boost, even before you have access to travel form. At the very least, I'd go this far into feral because the speed boost increases your leveling speed (especially that 21-29 range). If you're on a PvP server, this is where I would at least get nature's grasp because it's amazing for getting away from enemies and preventing ganks. You can choose to go into balance a bit at this point, but I would recommend filling out feral because feral faeri fire allows you to ranged pull from cat/bear form which will increase your leveling speed as well. Then the rest of the feral talents help with your kill speed. The raw 10% bonus damage and free spell casts every now and then are nice, but I think feral outweighs these and should be prioritized.


Posted : 30/07/2019 12:55 pm
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Feral Instinct, Brutal Impact, Thick Hide and Feral Aggression are all pretty much interchangeable, though Thick Hide is probably the worst of the lot. Personally I choose 3/5 Instinct 2/2 Brutal Impact because the stealth can help in caves and the stun improves control over the fight.

I also like going balance into NG and Natural Weapons, then respec at 20 for Feline Swiftness. However, I delay Furor to the very end of leveling since I feel it is less useful than any straight +damage increase. So after getting FFF and Savage Fury I go into balance and pick up Omen of Clarity. Then back into feral for Leader of the Pack, and finally Furor. I even delay Feral Charge until after Omen because I feel the balance talents are more useful for pve in the open world.

This is all from a PvE only perspective - I'm rolling on a pvp server but I expect to be well ahead of the pack by level 20 so I prefer to just run away if there is pvp instead of trying to put talents into increasing pvp effectiveness.

Posted : 31/07/2019 8:29 am
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Personally I choose 3/5 Instinct 2/2 Brutal Impact because the stealth can help in caves and the stun improves control over the fight.

Definitely agree here, particularly for leveling and even world PvP. I think if you are tanking regularly late game-60 it might be worth reconsidering thick hide for the insane mitigation improvement, but for me I still consider threat/control more important for dungeons late game. Pure raiding tank will need thick hide to push their mitigation ahead of warriors (to compensate for no block/parry).

Posted : 31/07/2019 4:30 pm
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