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Ultrawide Wallpapers • Each Dungeon and Raid

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Hell yeah man, these are great! Now to make 1920x1080 versions when I get home Smile
Hey dude, any luck doing the conversion and repacking for 1080p? Cheers!

Posted : 20/03/2019 5:00 pm
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Excellent work. These are fantastic, as were the originals.

Agreed - great share!

I'm using a dual 1920 x 1080 monitor rez setup and I found that Picture position Center with shuffle is best setup. I'm not a big fan of black letterbox, and the aspect ratio does not match the original.

Posted : 26/07/2019 5:38 am
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I love this, and you made them just because, just like the icon pack. I love the attention to detail that goes into this forum. It's all I ever wanted to do if I had any programming skillz, lol.

Sorry for the necro, but you can't not comment on how great these are.

Posted : 09/08/2019 7:22 am
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