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Opinions on addons that automate the game like Decursive?

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Im sure this is an unpopular opinion.

I tend to lean more in this direction also, I would always prefer if there were less ways to automate or make the game 'easier' through addons and macros. But I think this might be a bridge too far, they are trying to recreate vanilla wow, so I think they will try to limit addon and macro usage to what was available in vanilla.

Posted : 22/05/2019 6:48 pm
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Here's something interesting for you,

Some of the available API allowed creators to design add-ons that were automated in nature. Add-ons like BTM Feeder accessed one key function that allowed for button pressing.

For those who don't know what BTM Feeder is, basically it was part of the Auctioneer Suite add-on that allowed players to scan the auction house for extremely cheap items. Options could be set in BTM Feeder to buyout or bid on items at a specific value or percentage. Examples of this are: buying all items at 90% of vendor value, and purchasing an item for a specific price.

PlaceAuctionBid("type", index, bid) - Place a bid on the selected auction item.

BTM Feeder accessed the PlaceAuctionBid LUA function provided by Blizzard's API (not a protected function either) and could automatically bid for you. This was a 100% automated process that required zero player involvement. Once the values were assigned by the user, and you initiated the add-on, it was time for bed.

I remember downloading and abusing this add-on in vanilla, and I also remember Norgana (creator of Auctioneer) quickly removing it from his provided downloads section after being approached by Blizzard.

BTM Feeder made it's return in The Burning Crusade but without the automation part. It wasn't because of ethical reasons, but simply because Blizzard had changed the functionality of the LUA function. Instead of calling the function, and having said function act as a button press, they designed it to require a hardware event i.e. mouse click.

As for Decursive, it's interesting to me that there was not an option available to allow for true automatic de-cursing. The vanilla API allowed for raid frame targeting, as well as button presses, so why not add an option to allow full automation to the entire process?

UI ActionButtonDown(id) - Press the specified action button.
UI ActionButtonUp(id) - Release the specified action button.


Surprising to nobody, they protected these LUA functions, as well as others that allowed for true automation in the release of The Burning Crusade.

My opinion?

In the case of BTM Feeder allowing automatic bids to be placed, and having the ability to loop a button press, yeah, perhaps this is a bit overreaching. As for Decursive, I kind of agree that looping through a raid and allowing you to press one button to de-curse the target is a bit too automated. When I think of an acceptable amount of automation, I think of the player being allowed to click on an icon near the player's name, or perhaps modifier+click them as a way to de-curse as this casts the spell for you, and removes half of the work (pressing your hotkey).

Posted : 23/05/2019 4:42 am
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