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Advanced attendance tracker for Guild Masters/Raid Leaders

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I'm developing WoW Guild Tools - useful stuff for GMs and RLs. The main feature of the project is advanced attendance tracking, based on logs (from WarcraftLogs/WarcraftLogs Classic):

Alts matching - when you play and raid 2, 3 or more characters, your attendance will suck, because it will be split on these characters. WGT will track all your twinks/alts attendance as one (main) character.
Threshold - sometimes PUGs or non-guildmates raid with you and stay in default attendance sheet for a very loooong time. WGT will handle that for you, just set the attendance percent threshold and you will never see characters lower than it.
Weekdays filter - when you have guild raid nights (eg: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) and accidentaly wrote logs on Friday (raid archievements run?) you will see it in standard Attendance view, but with WGT you can set your raid weekdays, so fun raids will not ruin your attendance.
Raids filter - if you want to track only certain raids (eg: BWL, AQ) and remove all other raids from attendance report
Reports merging - when you accidentaly recorded multiple logs for the same raid night (or if you had split-raid), you will see all of them in warcraft logs view, but WAT will merge them into 1 report (including pulls/tries/bosses/attendance, etc). As result, nice attendance tables without missing information
Per-raid and per-pull attendance - checkout FAQ page for formulas and extended descriptions
...and much more features, including autoupdater of guild progress on supported websites (different for classic and retail)

Example guild:

Hope that tool will help somebody Smile

Topic starter Posted : 10/07/2020 6:07 am
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